Mum Kelly Wilson Bossley was so proud of her three-year-old daughter when kids started staring at her birthmark that she couldn’t resist sharing her story on the Love What Matters Facebook page.


Lydia has a port wine stain birthmark on her face, and when she arrived at preschool one morning with fresh bruising her mum Kelly noticed that some of her classmates were staring at her daughter.


However, rather than become self-conscious or upset, little Lydia took matters into her own hands and, heading over to her cubby hole, took out a very special book, Sam’s Birthmark.



Simply handing it to her teacher to read out loud to the class, little Lydia showed just how resilient she is. Her mum was so overcome with emotion she nearly cried the entire way to work.  


“I cried nearly the entire way to work - not because I worry how her peers will treat her in the years to come but because I know this girl is gonna do big things [sic]!" she wrote.


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