It’s unlikely you’re going to feel confident enough to wear your bikini soon after giving birth – sudden weight gain and tiredness rarely make a person feel sexy.
Unfortunately there’s no secret formula when it comes to getting rid of your baby weight; however, there are certain habits that you can follow to get your pre-pregnancy body back.
Most of the time, a new mum’s body will need certain nutrients to keep her – and her little one  – as healthy as can be. Here are some of the things that you can start adding to your diet to boost your energy and shed some pounds.
Stack up on the protein
Believe it or not, foods high in protein contain a hunger-fighting hormone that will fill you up more than carbs do. Also, foods such as fish, beef and eggs are high in iron and vitamin B12, which are known to increase energy levels.
Reduce inflammation
The physical trauma caused by giving birth can lead to internal inflammation. You can help control this by eating anti-inflammatory foods such as blueberries and dark leafy greens.
Know the vitamins that will help
  • Vitamin A & C: Both are lost during breastfeeding so you should try to eat some spinach, carrots and sweet potatoes to get vitamin A and red peppers, oranges, and broccoli for vitamin C.
  • Vitamin D: This will keep your bones strong allowing you to enjoy a more successful workout. Eat fortified milk, eggs, and mushrooms.
Don't forget calcium
Although there is some controversy as to how much calcium breastfeeding women should take, experts say it’s safe to consume the recommended daily amount for women. Calcium-rich foods include figs, beans, peas and leafy greens.
When you consume the right foods for your body and do some light exercise, you’ll find yourself on the right road to getting your pre-baby body back. Extreme dieting is not healthy solution, and although this may seem like a longer route, your body will thank you for it later.