Goodall's Rubs feedback
25/10/2013 18:07
This is where our mummy testers should write their feedback for Goodall's Rubs.
We are really looking forward to hearing what you think and how you used Goodall's Rubs
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Goodall's Rubs feedback
08/11/2013 07:35
I know the Goodall's brand and often use their herbs and spices and we always have their food colourings and icings ... especially for special occasions and Christmas. I've never tried the rubs though.

We got five Goodall's rubs flavours - Argentine, Thai Red, Thai Green, Lemon Pepper and Moroccan. First, I tried the Argentine rub with steak - it was really very simple, I just rubbed it into the meat with a little oil and left it to marinade for an hour while I prepared the rest of the dinner. We then fried the steak and it was so gorgeous succulent and flavoursome. I thought it might be quite salty but the rub just added a deep flavour, and it was delicious. We had yummy steak sandwich leftovers the folloing day too. All the family tried this one, and we had a definite thumbs up. My son said it was the best dinner ever :) lol
I used the Moroccan rub in a casserole, I just added it to the normal meat and veg casserole dish and left it to cook. The addition made a very standard type casserole into something really special. Deep rich flavours, with really very little effort. Yummy and great for a winter warmer dinner.
We used the Lemon pepper rub next - we have fish once a week, but I have to be honest, I struggle to make it interesting. I used the Lemon Pepper this time, just rubbed it on the fish before cooking (no marinade this time) and it created a whole new angle to my normal dull fish Friday! The hubby really doesn't enjoy fish, but as I don't do dinners to order, he still eats it once a week. Even he was impressed with this one.
Over the weekend I made a chicken and vegetable stir fry - to give it a kick, I just sprinkled over the Thai Red rub while frying - it was simply delicious. And another hit with the kids and hubby.

I have yet to use the Thai Green rub, but I have a plan to made the Goodall's Turkey Green Thai Curry recipe from their website. Always find it difficult to include turkey in our day to day recipes - and it's so healthy too. This recipe will hopefully become a regular of ours.
My sister is a Coeliac so I told her about the Goodall’s Rubs being gluten free - it's really hard for her to get nice accompaniments for meal times (ones that are quick and easy to use) - she's delighted and has already bought the Lemon and Thai Red rub.
Would definitely buy Goodall’s Rubs again - they are super handy, really tasty and with no salt, it's the healthy choice.
Thanks so much for letting me take part
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Goodall's Rubs feedback
11/11/2013 10:26
I have used Goodall's products before such as their herbs and spices. I had never used their rubs before. I got 5 different rubs to try, Lemon pepper fish rub, Thai red curry rub, Argentine Meat rub, moroccan tagine rub and thai green curry rub.
The first one I used was the Argentine meat rub, I used this on steak. I had my sister coming that night who is allergic to alot of things usually in marinades such as gluten, soy, celery etc so was great I could make the same thing for everyone. I just rubbed it into the steak on both sides and left it to sit for 20 minutes before cooking. It smelled fantastic while cooking and everyone enjoyed it even the kids. I would buy this product again.
Next night I was cooking turkey breasts and decided to try the lemon pepper fish rub on these to make them abit more interesting. I rubbed a tiny bit of butter on top of each turkey breast then sprinkled on the rub and cooked straight away. This made a meat that can be quite dull and boring abit more enjoyable.
The next rub I used was the Moroccan Tagine Rub, I used this in a beef stew I was making. I made this in my slow cooker and added this in with all the other ingredients. The house smelled fantastic with this cooking away. Everyone enjoyed this meal and it wasnt too strong for the kids which I was a little worried about. Everyone enjoyed this flavour so much I tried the rub again on some pork chops. I just sprinkled the rub on both sides of the pork chops and left them to sit for about 20 minutes before cooking and they turned out lovely also.
I used the Thai green curry rub on some Quorn chicken pieces to make them a little more interesting in a stir fry. When I had the quorn chicken half cooked in the frying pan I sprinkled in the rub and put in the vegetables and they all got a little coated in the rub. When cooked I stired in noodles and served. We really enjoyed this dish and the thai green curry was too overpowering.
I had no internet access lately so didnt get to look at any of the recipe suggestions for the rubs so am going to try the Thai red curry rub with one of the recipe suggestions.
I would buy these rubs again as I love that they have no salt in them as I hate adding salt to food and dont like giving my kids salt. I am delighted they are gluten free as now I have recommended them to my sister who has a hard time making food interesting as she is allergic to so many food products.
A big thumbs up from us for the rubs.
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Goodall's Rubs feedback
11/11/2013 22:29
Hello and thanks again for letting me be apart of this trial :)
I love the Goodalls Spice range and have been using it since moving to Ireland 5 years ago. I have used their cinnamon, nutmeg, mixed spice, ginger, paprika, whole cloves, mixed herb, garlic powder, oregano, parsley, thyme, basil, all the food colouring options, and the essences of vanilla, rum, lemon, strawberry, and almond, to name a few...I love their products not only because I think they are the best, but also because the little tins they come in are air tight and stay fresh a long time.
I was excited to receive 5 different kind of rubs and went to work immediately on using them in my nightly dinner extravaganzas. I loved using them! They were so easy to use and boy did they add flavour and zing to our meals. My husband was a lover of all 5 of them, but for me and my 2 year old son we didn't use the green or red curry as they were a bit hot for us. I didn't use the recipes on the Goodalls website, but now that I have tried all of them I will be using the site in the future for new ideas.
I used the Lemon Pepper first by rubbing it into fresh sole the first night and we devoured it, all 3 of us. The flavours that were in in were delicious and we have used it twice now. A second time I used plaice and it was just as good. White fish tend to be bland, so having a healthy alternative to breading and frying them is a plus in my book. Next I used the Argentine rub with a beautiful steak and again great reviews from all of us. The last one I used was the Moroccan in which I used for a slow cooker recipe for stew with a kick. Amazing! I will never make plain old beef stew again, and I think my husband will agree with me on that one. Now the last 2 which were the green and red curry, my husband cooked with since me and our son don't eat it. Well my husband loves any kind of curry, but still said that the flavours that came out of it was fantastic. For the green curry he used prawns, and for the red curry he used chicken.
The Lemon Pepper and Moroccan were our favourites, but none of them were bad. We will continue to use them until they are finished. A little spice can make an ordinary meal into an extraordinary one. I was so happy that the rubs were salt free, as I try to not add salt to anything for a healtier life for all of us. As for the gluten, I am always delighted when something without gluten can taste so good. None of us suffer from celiac, but I know gluten is not good for you so I am happy about that.
I will definitely be buying the rubs in the future, and of course all the rest of their range as well. Goodalls is a fantastic company that know how to perfect a great rub, being able to blend so many spices into perfection is challenging. But they have succeeded, so yes I will buy them again.
Thanks Again :)
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Goodall's Rubs feedback
12/11/2013 15:50
I have used three so far Moroccan, Lemon Pepper and Thai Green. First up the Moroccan was lovely- we grow all our own vegetables here and I used the Moroccan to flavour a potato and bean stew. I usually would use a mild curry powder for this one a make a Bombay aloo, but it was lovely, the paprika gave it a smoky deep quality and the main ingredients were potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, onion, and three beans and peas.I used both the Lemon Pepper rub and Thai Green with fish- I am at slimming world and so must use spices and herbs to make tea time interesting and keep within the plan. I miss not having batter on fish and the spices rally improved baked white fish and prawns meaning they didn't need a batter or a sauce.
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Goodall's Rubs feedback
13/11/2013 21:31
Thanks for letting me take part in this trial. Have made two meals now with the Goodall's food rubs. I first made a Thai Green Curry as it's a favourite of mine. The taste with the Food rubs was just right. Today I made a Moroccan Lamb Tagine in my slow cooker. I used the recipe from the Goodall's website. I have always avoided making this dish in the past as it normally requires a whole selection of spices but with the Goodall's rub it's so much easier. And very delicious - my 5 year old loved it!!
I have lots of dinners planned using the other up is the Lemon Pepper which I may be looking forward to the most!!
Goodall's Rubs feedback
14/11/2013 17:25
The goodall rubs are delicious!! My favourite was the meat rub,
We tried it on pork chops and chicken I just rubbed into both meats and it tasted so different on each one.
I also used the the thai curry I just marinated the chicken for an hour with the spice
And some oil and stir fried it with some veg and had with rice sooo delicious :) :)
I would definitely recommend anyone to try these spices, thet are by far the bast tasting spices in the shops.
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Goodall's Rubs feedback
14/11/2013 18:01
I was so excited to be chosen as a tester for Goodalls new range seasoning rubs! I have high blood pressure and to find a product that has zero salt content was such a true gift!! We received 5 black slinky little pots, the same size as the Goodalls herbs and spices which are always handy for storage.
On halloween night we have friends over after trick or treating with the kids...the perfect night to make a Thai Green Curry for the gang!! I followed the recipe on the Goodalls website - another great find as I didnt realise that Goodalls had recipes on their website!! The recipe was really easy to follow..and it was such a hit with all our friends!! Everyone was so surprised how easy it was to make and how all the girls asked for the recipe whichj is always a good sign!!
Next it was the Argentine Meat Rub...I winged it with this seasoning! My husband and kids are constantly telling me how boring Chops are but as their a cheap meat you'll always find them in my I have something to jazz them up! I rubbed the chops with the seasoning and put them into my roasting dish with chopped potatoes, carrots,peas and a choped onion and 45mins later from a hot oven we had such a delish meal for all the family which they all loved and devoured!! Who said chops are boring!!!!
Friday night has always been fish night! So with my Lemon Pepper Rub I mixed it with some Olive oil and basted my haddock and wrapped in tinfoil and straight into the other seasoning was nessessary!! The taste was amazing!!! So much flavour!! Wow....I also used the Lemon Pepper on my roast chicken last Sunday..I rubbed butter on the chicken and then rubbed in my Goodalls Lemon Pepper Rub before roasted in the oven...It was finger licking tasting!! My husband was munching on the chicken before it hit the table!!!
For stews I'd usually buy a pack of Country stew mix but not anymore now that I have my Moroccan Rub!! I fried off the stewing beef with my rub and some oil and then added veg and was so tasty! My kids loved it and believe me for them to say they loved stew is amazing!!!
Cant wait to try the thai red curry..Saturday night dinner is now planned in front of the X-factor!! And with the bonus of having a great websitewith a recipe from Goodalls to follow its bound to be a hit!!
As a lover of baking, my press is always stocked with the household name of Goodalls spieces, flavourings and colourings and now im delighted that they have created a product that is so tasty that all the family can enjoy!!
Well done Goodalls!!!

ps. Loving the Goodalls website and all their fab recipes!!!
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Goodall's Rubs feedback
14/11/2013 18:21
I have used alot of goodalls herbs and spices before and always enjoyed them. However I found the Argentine rub which I put on steak and also on pork chops didn't make any difference to the flavour unfortunately. It wasn't spicy at all. So I will not be using that one again. However I used thegreen thai one in curries and also in lasagne and it gave a nice 'kick' to both. I am looking forward to trying the moroccan one in my stew this weekend. It sounds like it will be very tasty. We don't eat fish in this house but I will be trying the lemon fish one on some chicken to give a nice lemon chicken flavour. I hope it is tasty and not bland as we found the Argentine rub to be. Thanks for sending us the spices Goodalls.
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Goodall's Rubs feedback
14/11/2013 20:55
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to take part in this trial i have used goodall spice range for a long time but had never tried the goodall's rubs i really enjoyed cooking with these rubs i received 5 different spices and have different dishes with each of them which where enjoyed by all of the family i have never been a lover of fish especially fish without a batter but with the goodall's fish rub it really was a different dish altogether i would definitely purchase the goodall's rubs range again and will be recommending these to friends and family thanks again for the chance to take to part in this trial
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Goodall's Rubs feedback
15/11/2013 18:18
I was chuffed to be chosen to take part in the goodalls taste test and really excited to open my package of goodies on the day it arrived and take notes each day while cooking. I was honestly impressed with the rubs and will use them again and even recommend to friends and family.

Thai green curry and also Thai red curry powder.

Chicken Curry & Beef Curry.

I made a paste with olive oil & Thai green powder and placed in plastic bag with chicken breasts to marinade overnight.

Next day I then sautéed chopped onion, garlic and mushrooms and then added marinated chicken breasts once they were chopped up small. Once the chicken was cooked thru, I added chopped mixed bell peppers, then I added coconut milk and some defrosted cooked prawns and simmered for few minutes. I tasted and added some more Thai green powder and seasoned. Served with whole grain brown rice.

The Thai green powder had a lovely mild curry flavour which was not too strong. The flavours were well blended and It didn't taste powdery like some curry powders. Would recommend and use again.

I created another curry using the Thai red curry powder but used diced beef instead of chicken and again left overnight for the flavours to infuse. The Thai red powder also made a lovely curry with the beef.

Lemon pepper fish rub - baked cod & chips.

I used the lemon pepper fish rub to add flavour to some breadcrumbs.

I dipped fillets of cod into some beaten egg, dipped into the seasoned breadcrumbs and baked on a greased baking sheet in the oven. Served with some homemade chips and mushy peas. Delicious on a Friday. The lemon pepper added a lovely flavour to the breadcrumbs.

Moroccan Tagine - Beef Casserole.

I made a lovely beef casserole with the Moroccan Tagine on a cold wet and windy afternoon.

I cooked off some diced beef, garlic, onions, mushrooms in a heavy casserole pan, added beef stock, some Moroccan Tagine, carrots, parsnips and diced potatoes and placed in oven for approx 2 hours with cover on, stirring occasionally until cooked.

The Moroccan Tagine added a lovely flavour to the casserole and eveyone loved it.

Argentine meat rub - steak night.

On steak night I rubbed the meat rub into our T-bone steaks just before cooking. The meat rub added a lovely flavour to the steak and will definitely try again some day with chops.
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Goodall's Rubs feedback
15/11/2013 19:20
I was delighted to be selected to take part in this trial. The Goodalls brand for me has also been synonomous with herbs and spices and though I was aware of the Goodalls Rubs I hadn't actually bought or tried any prior to the trial.

We are a busy family juggling work and school and making interesting but quick meals can be a challenge. Any product which can help us out with a tasty dinner in welcome in my cupboards! So we were looking forwrd to trying out some new recipes with the Goodalls Rubs.

My husband was the first to put the Goodalls Rubs to use. He makes a mean homemade burger and loves trying new seasonings, so he tried the Argentinian Meat Rub on batch of Friday night burgers. Simply sprinkled the rub onto the patties and let them sit for a while to absorb the flavors before grilling them. They went down a treat. Really tasty and got the thumbs up from everyone.

We then had a pack of Pork chops which needed livening up and the Lemon Pepper Rub worked really well on them along with nice side salad. Though I do think this seasoning would work better on Chicken or Fish as directed (Maybe a rub for Pork could be considered in the future!)

We also tried the Red Thai Curry Rub with some chicken strips for a stir fry. We used this as a dry seasoning but thought that it wold also be delicious with a can of coconut milk to make a wet curry sauce.

We have yet to try the Green Thai Curry and the Moroccan Tagine Rub, but look forward to trialling both of these over the coming weeks.

Both my husband and sister have levels of gluten intolerance so for these Rubs to be Gluten free is a huge bonus. The fact that they are Salt free is great too for family meals as we are concious of salt levels in the childrens food.

I would definitely keep a cople of tubs of the Goodalls Rubs in my cupboard for a quick and easy tasty family meals and look forwrd to trying some of teh recipes on the website especially the Moroccan Tagine!
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Goodall's Rubs feedback
16/11/2013 12:40
I am very familiar with the Goodalls rang having used various herbs and spices and flavourings over the years.

I used the Moroccan tagine first I added it to a beef stew and was very pleasantly surprised. The aroma was amazing and the taste was warm and flavoursome . Even my husband who isnt a fan of stew enjoyed this one

We are big fans of thai currys and I really wasnt expecting the green and red mix to be as good as when using a paste But it was! I made a red beef and green chicken using coconut milk, fish sauce, garlic onions and veg They were fab. Defintely would use these again. Plus there isnt the same need as with wet paste to keep in the fridge and use up in so many days

I used the Argentine meat rub with rapeseed oil on steak and left it to marinate. It was full of flavour very enjoyable. The rest of the family enjoyed the lemon pepper rub to liven up some roast chicken breast.

These were a very welcome addition to our household for three main reasons

Delicious flavour

No salt

Gluten free

I checked the website but was a bit disappointed that there werent more recipes That being said the rubs are very easily incorporated into meals that we currently enjoy

All in all I would recommend these rubs with my favourites being the Moroccan and Thai varieties
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Goodall's Rubs feedback
16/11/2013 16:31
Thank you for the chance to participate in this trial!!
I would highly recommend these rubs. The first one we tried was the Thai Red - I cooked a Thai Red Beef curry -it was delicious! I also made a Thai Green curry with chicken using the Thai Green curry powder - it was yummy - big hit with my friends and hubby.
I used the lemon pepper rub in bread crumbs and cooked chicken fillets in them - a very simple process with very tasty results. The Argentine meat rub was simply delicious on steaks.. gave them a really nice kick with lots of flavour.
I am looking forward to cooking up a tagine to use the final powder - Morocaan Tagine! THe Goodalls website has such a wealth of recipes - I was very impressed.
These rubs are excellent - full of flavour, no salt - what more could you want!
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Goodall's Rubs feedback
17/11/2013 00:21
I really enjoyed this trial…trying out all the different flavours…and using them to help make different dishes from our weekly dinner plan!! I’ve always used the Goodall’s brand of food colouring but didn’t know about these new spices until I signed up for the trial. I was delighted to read that they were salt free; I have three small children and so, try to avoid adding salt to dishes when cooking.

I’m also on a bit of a health buzz at the moment, have some weight to lose…so I’m trying out the whole notion of low carbing…these spices are a fantastic way of ‘spicing’ up your salmon or steak!!

The first one I tried was the Argentine meat rub, I used it on a piece of steak, rubbed it in well and left it for an hour before I cooked it, it was really lovely, I eat steak once a week (due to my low carbing!) and am getting pretty fed up of it, this little tin brought a brand new flavour to the steak, it was lovely.

Next up was the lemon pepper fish rub for my salmon…I can’t say enough about this, it was YUMMY!!! Got my piece of salmon, shook the spice all over it, sealed it in tin foil and baked it in the oven…no need even for olive oil as suggested on the tin. It was fabulous…I didn’t cook the salmon like that for my kids as I thought it would be too strong for them, of course after them hearing me saying how nice it was, they had to have a taste, all three of them (7, 5 & 3) loved it and said they want it on their salmon the next time!!!

Just because it says it’s a ‘fish rub’ – you don’t have to just use it for fish. While I haven’t looked at the Goodall’s website yet for inspiration – I decided to use the lemon pepper on a roast chicken…I did use olive oil for this, just rubbed a small bit all over the skin, shook on some of the lemon pepper and rubbed it in. The smell in the kitchen while it was cooking was amazing…and the taste…just fab!! I will definitely be using this again.

During the week I made a beef stew…I had read on the Moroccan Tagine tin that you could pop it into slow cooking stews so I did a little shake of it into my pot. You couldn’t say that it was a ‘definite’ taste but at the same time, the stew was really tasty and kids and husband had second portions!! I also mixed some with some natural yoghurt and used it to marinate turkey breasts for a stir fry for myself, it was very tasty. I think the next time; I would simply leave out the yoghurt and just mix up the strips of turkey breast with a shake of the spices.

I haven’t yet used the Thai green or Thai red curry but am looking forward to doing so, of the three I’ve used, I’ll definitely be purchasing them in the future…I actually spotted them today in Dunnes!!

I think these spices are a necessary store cupboard ingredient, once you have them; it’s very easy to make something very tasty using them. I loved the look of the tin and the way you can ‘shake’ or ‘pour’ from them, I must look at the website now for further inspiration!!

Thanks for letting me take part in this trial, it was a fabulous trial to be involved in and I think the spices really enhanced my cooking skills; my family are dying to see what I’m going to come up with next!!!
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Goodall's Rubs feedback
21/11/2013 15:46
I would have used a lot of goodalls products in the past as I do a lot of home baking so their colours and spices are a stable of my cupboard. I saw the Goodall's Rubs in the shop but to be honest I wasn't sure if they would be nice so I hadn't purchased them so I was delighted to be included in the trial.

As I said above I was skeptical of the rubs as I could not imagine them having an authentic taste. The first one I tried was the Tai Green Curry. I could not believe the simplicity of the dish as I did not need loads of differnet spices just the one jar. It tasted amazing, it was as good if not better than the curry from my local takeaway. The smell around the house was fantastic.

I am not a fish eater so I normally don't cook a lot of fish for my husband and family other than battered fish to have with chips but decided to try the lemon pepper fish on cod fillets. The verdict from them was delicious. I have been ordered to make this again.
I did try the lemon on a chicken fillet ( saw this on the Gooodall's website) but I personally did not really like the taste, my husband tasted it and preferred the lemon pepper on the cod.

I also used the tai red curry as a rub on some steak and these were a big hit with all the family.

I haven't tried the other two rubs but I will in the future. I would also be adding these rubs to my shopping list as they should be in every cupboard for a delish dinner. I was delighted to read that these are free from salt and gluten free, with a young family this is very important when tryign to prepare healthy dinners.



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