Got a teen (or mum) who suffers with skin issues? The new My Clarins range can help

Clarins are launching a new brand within their current esteemed skincare label - My Clarins. 

The new brand is geared towards young skin, focusing on the issues teens and millennials face with targeted skincare - whether you're a young mum or have teens who are struggling with their skin routine. 

One of the best gifts you can give to your teen as a parent is a sense of respect for their skin - at the end of the day, they only get one face, and some gimmicky, teen-targeted skincare brands do more harm than good.

Young skin needs fresh, natural ingredients, not synthetic, chemical laden substances that can trigger sensitive young skin to break out or dry up. 


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We went along to the launch of the range this week, to have a proper look and play around with the collection. The recycled packaging looks sleek, in simplified, minimal white bottles and boxes with a botanical theme, and most importantly, a very clear list of ingredients on the back. 

My Clarins aims to encourage good skin habits. Likening it to our diets, we as a generation like to know exactly what we are eating, with an emphasis on whole foods and healthy ingredients - so why should skincare be any different? 

Your skin runs similarly to you, in that it needs a balanced diet, of sorts.


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The line, which includes cleansing milks, moisturisers, a targeted spot treatment and a beauty mist, has 88% natural ingredients, ranging from coconut water to fig and goji berries. 

It runs on an 'In & Out' complex, which encourages the cells to absorb good elements and expel toxins and contestants. The vegetal complex provides the skin with everything ‘good’ (vitamins, minerals and trace elements) and removes the ‘bad’ (pollutants and impurities).

There are no parabens, phthalates or sulfates, so those with sensitive skin should be good to go. 


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Our top picks from the range? First up we have to mention the Re-Move Micellar Milk. Micellar has lost it's good reputation in recent years, with Micellar oils leaving residue on the skin that leads to break outs, and plain Micellar water being seen to just move dirt and oils around the skin rather than lifting them off.

The Re-Move Micellar cleansing milk absorbs dirt and grime and makeup, allowing them to be totally removed with a hot cloth or cleansing pad. 

The range has two moisturisers, each targeted to a specific skin type, and one night mask - The My Clarins Re-Charge Relaxing Night Mask.

Ideal for when you want to look like you got your 8 hours when you certainly didn't, the mask contains acerola seed, fig and huang qi extracts to detox and hydrate.


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The Re-Fresh Hydrating Beauty Mist. Beauty mists are all the rage, and a cornerstone of a contemporary skincare routine. Rather than opting for just rosewater or just cucumber, this all encompassing beauty mist brings together a medley of natural ingredients to replenish skin. 

The combo of coconut, fig, alpenrose and acerola allow the skin to become completely oxegenated and hydrated. 

Lastly, for post-pregnancy hormonal break outs or acne-leaning teenage skin, the Clear-Out Targeted Blemish Treatment uses plants Meadowsweet and Purslane as targeted purifying skincare that dries up and visibly reduces blemishes. 


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As well as aiming to create innovative skincare that works, the new My Clarins brand is also environmentally friendly in every way. 

First up, the 9-item line wont be sold in China, a market which unfortunately still requires animal testing on all beauty products that are sold there, so My Clarins can be considered totally cruelty free. With China being such a huge and lucrative market, it's a big gesture for a brand to eschew Chinese consumers entirely to be able to ensure there is no harm done to the other species we share our planet with. 

It's also 100% vegan - so literally no animals were harmed in the making of this product.

All nine of the products are presented in packaging made from recycled materials, and all pots, boxes and tubes are 100% recyclable, so once you're finished with them they can be made into something new. 

The line retails at €17 to €27 and is available in pharmacies and stores nationwide, as well as online. 

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