The grief stricken family of a 15-year-old girl, who was murdered after making contact with strangers online, intend to campaign for a new law which aims to prevent under- 16s from establishing accounts on social media.

The body of Kayleigh Haywood, who was described as a 'bubbly and funny' by heartbroken relatives, was discovered in Leicestershire five days after her disappearance on November 13th this year.

Reflecting on the death of her niece who sustained head and facial injuries at the hands of the accused, Tracy Haywood insists stricter legislation must be put in place in order to protect the younger generation from online predators.

Elaborating on her intentions, Tracy explains that the charity she hopes to establish would be called Kayleigh's Kause - an organisation which would lobby for the introduction of minimum age of 16 on social media sites.

Tracy outlined her proposals and asserted that "some sort of legal document; like a passport, driver's licence" to prove a child's age, even if it is an account held with parental knowledge" would be required in order to establish an account.

Left distraught by Kayleigh's death last month, Tracy insists she will not rest until she sees a change in legislation, saying: "The family want some laws passed because it has absolutely torn us apart. I'm willing to go worldwide with this and I won't stop. I'll make it my life's work."

Tracy has, thus far, the  backing of almost 7,000 people who have signed an online petition which highlights the family's aims while David Cameron has acknowledged the family's concerns and is said to be "looking into it".

28-year-old Stephen Beadman has been charged with Kayleigh's rape and murder while 27-year-old Luke Harlow has been charged with grooming and two count of sexual activity with a child.