We’ve all been having fun in the sun over the past few weeks, but as parents we need to remember that the heat can have a negative impact on our children’s health.


The HSE has been busy warning parents about everything from sunburn to jellyfish stings. They have now warned parents about the effect extensive heat exposure has on youths.


They have asked mums and dads to ensure that their children are protected from the sun and well hydrated.



The healthcare service warned parents to look out for the signs of heat exhaustion, which includes headaches, pale skin, loss of appetite, dizziness, sweating, cramps or a temperature.


“Avoid heat exhaustion by staying out of the sun, drinking lots of water and having cool showers, if necessary,” they recommended.


They explained that children and babies have very sensitive skin which can burn easily.  The National Cancer Control Programme says  getting a bad sunburn in childhood can double the risk of developing skin cancer in later life.  



Simple steps to follow to protect your kids during the summer:

  • Drink plenty of cold drinks during the heatwave.
  • Make sure children wear hats and sunglasses during the hot weather.
  • Stay in the shade for as often as possible. Remember the sun moves so move to different spots in the shade throughout the day.
  • Never ever leave your child alone in a car - at any time.