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How can I peel a tomato?

Peeling a tomato may not be something you often need to do, however recipes sometimes require the tomato to be peeled and seeded. Peel and seeds can often bring with them a bitter taste so some recipes require them to be removed. So here is a simple way to peel a tomato without too much effort. You can also use this method to peel plums and peaches.
  • Wash the tomato and remove the stem. Make sure you only remove as much of the tomato as is necessary to detach the stem and the surrounding green skin.
  • On the bottom of the tomato cut a shallow X. This will help when you are peeling the tomato later.
  • Prepare a bowl of ice water and set aside for later. Then bring a pot of water to boil. Drop the tomato into the boiling water and remove after 30 seconds (or when the skin begins to peel).
  • Quickly remove the tomato and place the tomato into the bowl of ice water. Leave the tomato in the ice water for at least 5 minutes. The tomato needs to be cool all the way through so that the cooking process will stop which began in the boiling water.
  • Once the tomato is chilled take it out from the ice water. The tomato should still be firm, but the skin should be wrinkled or hanging off.
  • Using your hands, peel the skin off.
  • If parts of the skin are stubborn, use a sharp paring knife. Be careful not to squeeze the tomato.
  • You should be left with a perfectly peeled tomato.

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