We are all told what to do if we suffer from depression, but what about those closest to the person, how can they cope?


If your other half is experiencing depression, there are a few things you can do to help both you and them.


Go to the doctor together

It is important you both go to the doctor together, if your partner will allow you. It can help you both understand what is going on without your partner feeling like they need to explain it to you or like you are in the dark. However, if they don’t want you there don’t push it as this can affect their willingness to open up.


Understand it as best as you can

It is important you get a handle on what depression actually means. This way you will feel better able to cope with it and feel ready to tackle any issues that might arise.


Talk to someone

It can be hard on you as well as your partner so it is important you find someone you can trust to talk about it. A doctor, a friend or a family member can be the shoulder that you need when times get tough.


Be honest with each other

It is vital you are as open and honest as you can be with each other. Depression can be a strain on a relationship but good communication can ensure you both understand what each other is feeling and know how to handle it.


Don’t feel guilty

It is important you make time for you as well; your other half needs you fighting fit to help them so make time for exercise, socialising and hobbies. Being there for your partner doesn’t mean you have to give up or sacrifice your own pleasures.


If you are struggling to cope or need someone to talk to you can contact Aware on 01 661 7211.