How to get rid of Sunday evening fear with these 40 productive activities to get organised!

Do Sundays ever leave you feeling really…stuck?

Nothing in particular is wrong, but you just don’t seem to be able to motivate yourself, you can’t seem to move from the couch or tackle that pile of laundry or your super full email inbox. You’ll do anything to avoid it. Your messy room, dust-covered yoga mat, the books you always say you’ll get around to but never do – The Sunday scaries remain looming over you.

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It happens to the best of us. Procrastination due to weekend-ending anxiety is a slippery slope to feeling blocked and incapable. We blow the fear of the next week up in our mind until it’s far bigger than it actually is and it seems like we’ll never make it through Monday.

It can feel like there’s little to do but sit and overthink it out when we find ourselves in this rut, but sometimes the best thing for the Sunday scaries is juts to push through! Productivity and organising yourself for the week ahead on a Sunday can make the day feel successful rather than wasted and leave you in a great position come Monday morning! Here’s a few things you can do to tackle that fear and get back on track:

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Write out a to do list

Schedule to prioritise important tasks

Go grocery shopping

Do laundry


Get an early night

Set up a morning routine

Meal plan

Change your bed sheets

Get some fresh air

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Do some yoga

Declutter your room and wardrobe

Clear out your inbox

Do a little pampering

Plan outfits for the week

Back up your files

Clean your makeup brushes

Listen to a podcast

Clear out your phone

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Clean out the fridge

Update your LinkedIn profile or CV

Bake something

Look after your plants

Throw out expired makeup

Clean out your car

Unfollow negative accounts

Call some long-distance friends

Create a reading list

Pile of Books

Plan your next holiday

Watch a documentary or listen to a podcast on something you’re interested

Catch up on household chores

Try a new recipe


Do something creative

Make a new running or workout playlist

Make a list of some long-term goals

Practice positivity

Read a book that’s been on your shelf too long

Write down something you need to get off your chest

Catch up with family

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