Parenting teenagers is hard and it is made even more so when mums suspect their adolescent of drug abuse. However, your child will not appreciate if you accuse them outright of experimenting with drugs, especially if they’re not.
Here are the signs to look out for:
Changes in the sleep pattern
Drug abusers are generally unusually tired and changes in your teen’s sleeping schedule should be noted. However, you must keep in mind that teens tend to sleep more than their younger siblings.
Lack of interest in personal appearance
Take note if your young adult suddenly starts to let themselves go. Look out for buns on fingers, flushed face, careless appearance and poor hygiene.
They may suffer from more health issues
If your teenager is constantly suffering from a runny nose, headache, sweatiness or sores around mouth there is obviously cause for concern. A sudden or dramatic weight loss or gain always needs your immediate attention.
Lack of motivation in school
If your normally bright youngster is suddenly suffering from poor grades or has a lack of interest in school you may want to sit down and talk with them.  A child’s lack of motivation may be attributed to a drug addiction.
Withdrawals from society
If your teen suddenly drops their hobbies, stops going out with friends and avoids family occasions you may want to investigate further.
Unexplained spending habits
If you find your teenager is always without money or you find that money is going missing from the house sit down and have a chat with them.
As a parent, you must keep the lines of communication open so that your teen will always know that they can turn to you. While drugs can be a very frightening thing for mums to have to deal with you must not let it fester. If you do have any concerns about your son or daughter always seek advice from a counsellor or a teacher.