Kym Marsh has bravely opened up about her anxiety disorder in an interview with OK! Magazine. The actress shared that there was a time when her panic attacks were so bad she thought she was going to die.


The Coronation Street star discussed the progress she has made: “I used to suffer from panic attacks but I don’t any more as I manage my symptoms now. It’s taken a long time to get to this point.”



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She added, “I still get the occasional feeling of anxiety, which is a totally normal feeling to experience, but now I treat it like an old friend.”


The mum revealed that her panic attacks were quite severe in the early days. “I used to panic and think I can’t breathe, I’m going to die.”


However, she has since learned how to manage the symptoms and has stopped the disorder from controlling her.



“Now I tell myself that I’ll be alright and I sit with the feelings and I’m able to talk myself around,” she shared.

More and more celebrities are discussing their mental health disorders publicly. Using their platform to highlight these issues is a huge step forward as it is breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health.


Kym agreed that celebrities are helping by showing others they are not alone. “It’s great that more people in the public eye are talking about their experiences of dealing with mental health issues as it makes people realise they’re not on their own.”

We couldn’t agree more!