Fostering a child is a courageous and vulnerable step to take. One mum has penned an honest open letter about becoming a foster-mum. She proudly admitted that she didn’t know what to expect. Her raw and inspiring words are extremely refreshing.


She shared her story with Love What Matters.


The mum wrote, “We welcomed a beautiful foster baby into our family. I don't know how long he'll be with us.”


Motherhood is an overwhelming experience. There are so many new things we learn as time goes by. There is no such thing as being the perfect mum, everyone is bound to make mistakes.


It’s important to remember that we can’t know everything about being a parent from the get-go, “I don't know what all of his needs will be. I don't know what his future holds.”



The mum isn’t ashamed to admit that she doesn’t know everything, there are many things she will learn through her journey with her foster-son.


She shared, “I know that he is precious, and I know that our family will be his family and our home will be his home, for as long as he needs us.”


She promised to support and love and care for the boy for as long as he needs her, even during the difficult moments.


She wrote, “Caring for him is not easy. He screams in the car and in the swing and in his crib and in my arms. And my arms and my back and my brain are just plain tired.”


We all experience those bad moments when our kids throw a tantrum in the middle of the supermarket or when they run around the house even though it’s time for bed.



The mum shared one heart-breaking truth about the young boy, “I know how to "do" babies. I do babies all the time. They have a few simple needs.”


She continued, “But this one? He needs something else completely. His body is still craving the drugs it was dependent on, still reeling from the poison it was fed.”


The inspirational woman shared that she will do everything for the baby boy, “My heart breaks for him. So, forget the tired arms and back and brain, I'll hold this precious boy, screaming or not, all day long.”


She ended her letter with the most powerful words, “I believe that every moment I comfort him, every minute I rock him, every time I respond to his cry, every smile and song and prayer will play a part in healing his body and his brain and his heart."


We have so much respect for the courageous woman behind this letter. She is a true hero.