When we go through the undoubtedly amazing process of pregnancy and labour, it is only right that we acknowledge the other side of it. Yes, we are superwomen (we've just given birth to a tiny human, after all), but those feelings aren't always the most prominent. What about the side that can see us plagued with feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy; the voice in our heads that can say, we're not trying hard enough, not doing enough or not being 'perfect' enough when it comes to motherhood.


Firstly, there is no 'right' or 'perfect' way to be a mum - you're doing them - all the things - and doing them your way, and that's the most important thing - even if you don't always feel like the best version of yourself.


One woman that identifies with this is tennis superstar - and mum-of-one - Serena Williams.  She has been heart-rendingly honest about her journey through motherhood, from the highs of having her daughter in her life to the lows of going back to Wimbledon and coming back defeated despite coming back to the court earlier than she should have, considering she had a difficult birth experience



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Serena revealed her feelings and worries about being a working mother have left her ‘in a funk’. The 36-year-old, who gave birth to her daughter Alexis Jr last September, wrote on Instagram: "Last week was not easy for me. Not only was I accepting some tough personal stuff, but I just was in a funk. Mostly, I felt like I was not a good mom."



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She previously revealed that she suffered postpartum depression following her daughter's birth, and continued that conversation on social media, encouraging other mums that it was normal for it not to pass right away; that it was normal to feel that they needed to be doing 'more' (even if they didn't), and if they felt burdened, she offered the advice that helped her get through it.    


"I read several articles that said postpartum emotions can last up to 3 years if not dealt with.," she continued.  "I like communication best. Talking things through with my mom, my sisters, my friends let me know that my feelings are totally normal. It’s totally normal to feel like I’m not doing enough for my baby. We have all been there. I work a lot, I train, and I’m trying to be the best athlete I can be."


Like so many other mums, finding that work/life balance is something Williams is continually finding a challenge. 



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"However, that means although I have been with her every day of her life, I’m not around as much as I would like to be. Most of you moms deal with the same thing. Whether stay-at-home or working, finding that balance with kids is a true art. You are the true heroes. ‘I’m here to say: if you are having a rough day or week–it’s ok–I am, too!!! There’s always tomm!"


Williams is a beacon of positivity and hope for any mum feeling a little lost or uncertain on their journey with their children - the more who follow suit and speak out to normalise these feelings, the less pressure mums everywhere will feel.