Alanis Morissette hopes her honesty will help other mums who are also suffering from postpartum depression. She understands that there is a huge taboo surrounding the disorder, but believes sharing her experience will remind other mums that they are not alone.


Alanis has been suffering from postpartum depression since the birth of her second child, Onyx Solace. She admits that she felt the symptoms moments after giving birth to her daughter, who is now 14 months old.


The mum-of-two has suffered from PPD in the past. When she had her first child, Ever Imre, she was overcome with symptoms, including insomnia, intense physical pain, and lethargy.


The star also experienced “horrifyingly scary” visions of her loved ones being injured. This was extremely difficult for Alanis, who has always dreamed of having a big family.


“As a kid, I imagined having children and being with an amazing partner. This is a whole other wrench I didn’t anticipate," explained Alanis.


She wasn’t diagnosed with PPD until 16 months after the birth of her first child, but the singer revealed that she was more prepared and was aware that the PPD may return when she had her second child.



She is currently treating the illness with both medication and homeopathic therapies, as well as exercise.


It has been found that exercise can help ease the symptoms of depression. According to Mayo Clinic exercising releases feel-good chemicals in your brain. It also works as a type of escapism as it helps your mind focus on the action, rather than the negative and dark thoughts.


Alanis shared that songwriting has also been a huge help to her during this harrowing time in her life, “It was a song a day. I had to start writing songs, or I was going to implode.”


She is still struggling with PPD, but refuses to let it take over her family life, “I want to keep as much semblance of normalcy for my kids as I can because I don’t want it to be their burden.”


Her husband, Mario “SoulEye” Treadway, has been a huge support to her during this experience, but Alanis shares that their relationship has been impacted by her disorder.


“Poor Souleye sometimes gets the dregs of my exhaustion at the end of the night. Even holding hands at this point is a deeply intimate experience.”


Alanis understands that she is in the middle of this battle with PPD, and is looking forward to a brighter future, “I just know that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and try not to beat myself up.”