Having a baby can be a daunting task, as you find yourself wanting to do everything on earth to keep them safe, right?


Well, as parents we try and prepare ourselves for every possible scenario, whether it be a good one, or a bad one. 


With that in mind, we decided that touch on the topic of infant CPR, to help all of you gorgeous mums learn how to do it. 


Now, as you know, we're not medical professionals (although, we know our stuff), so we are going to show you an amazing two-minute video, courtesy of St John's Ambulance, that talks through infant CPR, in a fun and easy way. 



Humpty Dumpty, Jack and Jill and other puppet friends have come together in the video, to make a catchy nursery rhyme about infant CPR.


The puppets advise parents that calling an ambulance is step number one, if they notice that their bub is unresponsive.Then, the catchy jingle outlines the steps you should take while waiting for help to arrive. 


Step 1 of 3: How to give a rescue breath to a baby


If there is anything in their mouth pick it out and ensure the airway is clear and open.


Take a breath in and place your lips around the baby’s mouth and nose to form an airtight seal.


If you cannot make a seal around the mouth and nose, close the baby’s mouth and make a seal around the nose only.


Blow steadily into the mouth until the chest rises.


Remove your mouth and allow the chest to fall.


Repeat four times more.


Now give 30 chest compressions.


Baby Holding Human Finger


Step 2 of 3: How to give a chest compression to a baby



Place two fingertips of your lower hand on the centre of the baby’s chest.


Press down vertically on the breastbone, and press the chest down by at least one-third of its depth.


Release the pressure without moving your fingers from their chest. Allow the chest to come back up fully – this is one compression.


Repeat this 30 times, at a rate of about twice a second – the speed of the song ‘Staying Alive’.


Now give two rescue breaths.


Carry on giving 30 chest compressions followed by two rescue breaths for as long as you can, or until help arrives.


If the baby starts breathing normally again, stop CPR and put them in the recovery position.


adorable, baby, child


Step 3 of 3: How to put a baby in the recovery position



Cradle them in your arms, with their head tilted downwards. This will keep their airway open and stop them choking on their tongue or breathing in any vomit. Continue until help arrives.


The informative video has been liked over 55,000 times since it was uploaded, with hundreds of people commenting on how helpful it is. 


For more brilliant information on first aid, and infant CPR, visit the St John's Ambulance website