We’ve lost count of the amount of times we’ve preached about our love of Instagram.


Yes, our moments sliding through that glorious newsfeed can give us interior inspo, hair ideas and even a plan for tonight’s dinner.


Those perfectly curated pictures can really alleviate the stress of the day and restore a sense of happiness in our lives.


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Ok, it might sound a tad dramatic but it does make us happy.


So we’ve compiled a list of 10 Instagram profiles that are sure to make you as happy as they makes us.


1. Woof & Walls - @woofandwalls


What to expect: Amazing street art providing the backdrop for some adorable dogs.



A photo posted by Woof & Walls (@woofandwalls) on


2. Bridget Beth Collins - @flora.forager


What to expect: Incredible pieces of art created using fresh flowers and shrubbery.



3. Marnie The Dog - @marniethedog


What to expect: Hilariously adorable pictures of this 14-year-old Shih Tzu and her adventures.



Ahoy mateys lol

A photo posted by Marnie The Dog (@marniethedog) on


4. Dylan Furst - @fursty


What to expect: Never to look at trees the same way.



A photo posted by Dylan Furst (@fursty) on


5. Vickie Liu - @vickiee_yo


What to expect: Devine baked goods and beautifully calming colours.



A photo posted by Vickie Liu (@vickiee_yo) on


6. Juniper - @juniperfoxx


What to expect: The cutest fox you’ve ever seen and her boyfriend, Moose. (@boyfriendmoose)



A photo posted by J U N I P E R (@juniperfoxx) on


7. Instagram Potter - @insta_pottery


What to expect: To book yourself into a pottery class ASAP after being mesmerised by these pottery creations.



A video posted by Instagram Pottery (@insta_pottery) on


8. Benedettp Demaio - @benedettademaio


What to expect: We’re not quite sure what to say about this page other than it’s the most amazing use of colour we’ve ever seen.



A photo posted by Benedetto Demaio (@benedettodemaio) on


9. Doug The Pug - @itsdougthepug


What to expect: If you didn’t want a pug before, you will soon.



A photo posted by Doug The Pug (@itsdougthepug) on


10. Megan Jayne Crabbe - @bodyposipanda


What to expect: Pictures of real women, real bodies and plenty of female empowerment.



A photo posted by Megan Jayne Crabbe (@bodyposipanda) on


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