Irish Pharmacist Mum discusses Respiratory Health for new season of WonderBaba Podcast.

Taking care of your family’s health is every parent’s priority. But with more information at our fingertips than ever before, Doctor Google can sometimes cause more confusion for mums and dads. Finding an accessible resource that you can trust for your family’s healthcare is so important, especially for when you need it most.

Sheena Mitchell is an Irish Pharmacist and mum of three children. She knows only too well how accessing the correct advice at the right time, can make a big difference to the wellbeing of both a parent and their children. Her daily interactions with both new and experienced parents in her pharmacy in Dublin, inspired her to start a family healthcare platform for her community to access out of hours –

As a third-generation pharmacist and over 15-years’ experience on the frontline, Sheena has advised on everything from common childhood illnesses and conditions to more unusual symptoms. Now almost 10-years old, has provided a combination of healthcare and practical advice to thousands of families in Ireland. The most recent podcast addition to her spectrum of advisory platforms has recently taken to the airwaves with its second season focusing on Respiratory Health.

Speaking about the new season of the WonderBaba Podcast, Sheena Mitchell, owner of Milltown totalhealth pharmacy and the advice platform said:

“Through my experience in the pharmacy, I know that there are many parents who would benefit from balanced professional healthcare advice grounded in the real-life experience of being a mother. That’s why I created the digital advice platform. I wanted to be available to connect with parents at a time and place that suited them.”

“I remember the sleepless nights scrolling through forums and websites looking for help when it came to meeting my own children’s needs. I know how desperate a parent can be to find a solution to ease a child’s pain or discomfort, or simply to protect them from other external environmental factors. However, this is the time you need professional, qualified advice tailored to your individual situation.”

“As a busy working mum of three children, I also know how little time parents have to connect with the information they need for their family’s healthcare. This is why I decided to extend my in-person and online advice to the airwaves, with my new podcast. Whether it’s doing the housework, on the school run, or out for a walk, parents now have an even easier way to access relevant qualified health insights that may help them at home.”

Sheena Mitchell

Now in its second season, the podcast takes a deep dive into the world of Respiratory Health. With weekly episodes dropping every Tuesday morning, Sheena educates, informs, and even entertains listeners through her concise WonderBaba Explains podcast episodes. With a format of Real Lives parent interviews, Expert Advice from fellow professionals, and finally Little Voices where the small people in our lives get to have their say, you’ll benefit from a whole new perspective on family healthcare.

The 2nd season of the WonderBaba Podcast looks at:

  • WonderBaba Explains: Relief for Pet and Dust Allergies (13th Sept)
  • WonderBaba Explains: Fighting Fever (20th Sept)
  • Real Lives: My little girl’s diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis with Rachel Murray (27th Sept)
  • Expert Advice: All about Asthma with The Asthma Society of Ireland (4th Oct)
  • WonderBaba Explains: Congestion in Kids (11th Oct)
  • Expert Advice: Managing an Asthma Attack with The Asthma Society of Ireland (18th Oct)
  • WonderBaba Explains: Coughs in kids explained (25th Oct)
  • Little Voices: Life with Asthma (2nd Nov)

The role of the community pharmacist in helping parents to navigate their ever-changing family’s needs, cannot be underestimated. Uniquely positioned as an accessible healthcare professional in your community, your pharmacist can help to guide you through treatments which may be suitable for you to manage by yourself at home, or by let you know when it might be a good idea to visit your GP or hospital.