Is tu mó grá mo chroí Grace O’Malley Heather Infused Irish Gin.

A heartfelt message in a bottle can carry the depths of sentiment and bridge oceans of time.  Grace O’Malley Heather Infused Irish Gin, created in honour of one of Ireland’s greatest treasure hunters, Grace O’Malley the Irish pirate queen, is a multi-award winning Irish gin that has captured gold, silver and rebel hearts around the globe thanks to its delicious fresh, floral taste.

Heather is the hallmark of this great Irish gin, its heart wrapped in centuries of tradition.  A symbol of love, luck and protection, the delicate bell-shaped purple flowers of this wild and hardy but beautiful evergreen impart a distinctive taste to Grace O’Malley Heather Infused Irish Gin.  Featuring a total of 14 botanicals, Grace O’Malley Heather Infused Irish Gin is made with defining aromatics inspired by the West of Ireland including heather, wild thyme, red clover, blackthorn, fraughan and rock samphire. 

Rounded and balanced, the predominance of heather gives it its wonderfully fresh, floral finish.  Sharing flavour compounds with fresh grapefruit, this is the ideal slice with ice, tonic and a twist for its perfect serve – a Grace O’Malley Gin & Tonic with Grapefruit. Or why not try one of our signature cocktails, The Westport Rose, a deliciously different toast to the fiery and passionate pirate queen herself, Grace O’Malley.

Grace O’Malley Westport Rose Recipe

  • 5cl Grace O’Malley Heather Infused Gin
  • 3cl Sweet White Vermouth (eg. Lillet Blanc)
  • 1 tsp Aperol
  • 4 dashes Rose Bitters (eg. The Bitter Truth)
  • Garnish with a rose petal


Fill a mixing glass with ice cubes and add the ingredients.  Stir on ice, then strain into a coupe or martini glass.  Add the rose petal.  Named after one of the homes of Grace O’Malley

Grace O’Malley Heather Infused Irish Gin retails at €35 RRP and is available from SuperValu and leading off licenses nationwide. For further information, see