Jessica Alba shares tips on having happy marriage after 16 years with husband Cash

Jessica Alba has been sharing her secrets to having a happy marriage. 

The Fantastic Four actress has been married to her husband Cash Warren for 16 years.

While sharing her tips to keeping their relationship strong, Jessica admitted that she and Cash must remember to keep each other a ‘priority’.


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During an interview with People, Alba explained, “It's something you really have to make a choice to do. You have to really find time to make time for each other”.

“Going through the motions of the day to day is what it is, but it's important to just know that we have to be a priority, and taking those moments to see each other and have a giggle and not be on the phone and just actually connect”.

The 43-year-old then revealed that keeping perspective within their marriage is also very important. 

Jessica confessed, “Anytime we ebb or flow, we just look around and it's like, ‘Actually, at my worst, I'm still better off with you’”.


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“You have to look up and say, ‘Would my life be better if we weren't together?’. And every time, it's, ‘No’. We're friends, you know?”.

Jessica went on to speak about the importance of spending time together as a family with their three children. 

“We went to Monster Jam, and the girls and I were out of our element, but Hayes was so excited to show us everything. He knew all the cars and drivers and stats”.

“To have this 6-year-old dude, who we pretty much always bring into our environment, feel so confident was the cutest thing ever”.


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Jessica and Cash first met on the Fantastic Four set, where she played the role of Sue Storm and Warren worked as a director’s assistant. 

Four years later, the pair spontaneously decided to get married in a secret ceremony in a Beverly Hills courthouse in 2018.

Less than a month after saying ’I do’, Jessica and Cash welcomed their daughter Honor into the world. 

They went on to have another daughter Haven, in 2011, and a son named Hayes in 2017.