Joey Essex’s ex Grace details their relationship as she enters Love Island villa

Love Island fans have been given a few details about Joey Essex’s ex!

Last night, viewers were shocked when three new bombshells were announced to be entering the Love Island villa.

Alongside Wil Anderson and Tiffany Leighton, the current Islanders will also be getting to know Grace Jackson. However, at the end of last night’s edition of the hit ITV show, Joey Essex admitted that he has history with Grace.


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In the final scenes, the three bombshells could be seen walking in to greet their new castmates.

“Oh my God,” Joey exclaimed, before he turned to co-star Sean and admitted: “I used to see that girl bruv…that blonde girl.”

Now, ahead of tonight’s episode of Love Island, the history of Joey and Grace’s romance has been unveiled.

In the first look teaser, Joey’s current partner Samantha senses something is wrong, as she asks: “Do you know her?”


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“Yeah…it’s a long story man…,” Joey replies, to which Samantha quizzes again: “Did you used to see her?”

Meanwhile, as the rest of the girls in the villa get to know Grace, Nicole asks the newest arrival: “So how do you know Joey then?”

The 25-year-old social media marketer then goes on to detail her former romance with reality star Joey.

“So, we met last year in Ibiza and it's actually funny because he's not my type at all,” Grace confessed. 


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“We had a bit of a holiday romance. It carried on when we were back home. It was quite intense,” she recalled, noting that they were “seeing each other for a few months.”

However, Grace further detailed that the romance ended sour, adding: “It kind of ended a little bit frosty to be honest, and we've not really spoken since.”

Ahead of her entrance into the Love Island villa, Grace described herself as "very down to earth".

“Once I really care about you, I’ll do a lot for you and I’ll always put you first. I very much wear my heart on my sleeve,” she concluded.