Kate Garraway says shes ‘frustrated, depressed, emotional’ caring for husband Derek

Good Morning Britain presenter Kate Garraway has opened up about caring for her husband Derek in light of their ITV documentary Finding Derek being nominated for a National Television Award. 

Kate shared her story to her 1.1M Instagram followers to mark World Mental Health day and share her experience of being a carer for someone she loves, while highlighting the importance of mental health care for carers. 

In the candid video, Kate started off by saying how grateful she was that the documentary got nominated for an award, before detailing what life is like as a carer.

“In the documentary, you saw me frustrated, depressed, emotional, and I’ve been all of those and more in recent weeks and months”.

The 55-year-old continued, “Because that’s the thing with caring, you want it to carry on because you want the person to be surviving and still with you, so that you can care for them, but there isn’t an endpoint and it doesn't get any easier”.

She then shared research results of studies on carers, sharing that sadly 93% of carers can’t sleep because they are worried about money and the future, and over half have been affected by serious mental health problems.

Garraway then asked her followers to watch the documentary if they haven’t already, and consider voting for it to win an NTA, not just for Kate and Derek, but for all of the carers and people who need care that she has been trying to spread awareness for. 

The presenter’s comments were flooded with words of support from her fans. One wrote, “You deserve to win. Have obviously voted for you. You are truly an inspiration and we are so proud of you x”.

“Sending so much love to you all. Your amazing woman, always thinking of others, so remarkable xxx”, wrote a second fan.

Another added, “That’s so helpful and supportive. Sorry you are having to go through such a bad time. Thank you for sharing, it helps xx”.

Kate has been Derek’s carer since the beginning of 2020, after his health drastically deteriorated after having Covid-19. Derek has been Britain’s longest-suffering in-patient survivor of the virus, and spent 13 months in hospital, and being out in a medically-induced coma following his organs failing.