Katie Price defended her decision to use the n-word word on live television today, posting a video to her personal Twitter page.


She used it during an interview about the racist abuse her son is subjected to.


Price used the word twice on live television, causing This Morning host Philip Schoefield to scold her.


The mum-of-five was on This Morning to promote her anti-bullying petition, which aims to make cyberbullying a crime. Price spoke out about the insults hurled at her 14-year-old son Harvey, who is mixed-raced, and has several disabilities including being blind and on the autism spectrum. Online trolls often address Harvey by the racial epithet, which Katie said twice during the live broadcast.



Her comments came after Phillip Schofield asked: "Are you saying legislation isn't strong enough?". Katie replied: "Is it strong enough to call my son a black blind n*****? Is that not abuse. They call him a golliwog."


A gobsmacked Phil jumped in: "It is deeply, deeply offensive. And even people will offended that you've said that." Price didn’t stop there and repeated the word, prompting Schoefield to react again: And an upset "How much do I have to take? Calling my son a n***** isn't acceptable."


Schoefield interrupted: "You don't need to say that word again."


Her appearance on the ITV show divided Twitter, with many users saying that the word was not hers to use.


One user said, “If @MissKatiePrice using the N word on @thismorning off offends you... GOOD! Now speak up and stop people using it online! #ThisMorning”



Another user replied, saying “No! She has no right using it either way. She's not entitled to the word just because people are calling her son that.”



Her online petition has been a success. She’s already celebrated reaching 200,000 signatures to make online bullying a criminal offence. Parliament will consider all petitions that get more than 100,000 signatures. The deadline on the petition September 28 2017 – as all petitions run for six months.


The Loose Women panelist has taken to the web before to seek help in tracking down trolls that degrade her son. Price asked her followers to track down bully Conor Geary who had photoshopped Harvey onto a film poster, using an ableist slur. He had also sent several explicitly racist tweets to her. The 19-year-old was cautioned by police.


The Sun UK tracked down a 30-year-old man in January who relentlessly sent Katie ableist abuse directed at her son. Mark Williams lost his job following his identification.