Get ready to witness the most viral video of 2017, and it has only been online for an hour.


Professor Robert Kelly was live on BBC News talking about South Korea, when he was interrupted by his two hilarious children. 


First, his little daughter toddles in, donning an adorable yellow jumper and glasses, intrigued to see what her dad is at.



Then, like a bat out of hell, in rolls the tiny baby in a walker, with an immense level of confidence. 


The father appears irritated by the presence of his hilarious kids, and tries to bat them out of view - like flies. 


All of a sudden, a woman runs into the room, with sheer panic in her eyes, and literally drags the two unassuming kids from the room. 



We literally mean 'DRAG' by the way... not an ounce of mercy is shown to the kids. 


The video was posted by BBC ONE this afternoon, and has already gone completely viral, with almost three million views. 


We don't know whether to laugh, or cry.