The results are in and young women are guarding their top spots in terms of marks in the Leaving Cert.


Compared to males sitting the same exams, female teenagers are consistently doing better.


The State Examinations Commission has released this year's statistics which included a gender breakdown. 



As in recent years, schoolgirls continued to score higher in languages, outperforming their male counterparts in English, French and German.


This year, one of the larger gaps in results came in higher level Irish.


Half of young women sitting the papers excelled to achieve top-three level marks, in contrast with 40 percent of male teens.


When it comes to maths, male students did better with 7.4 percent getting grade one marks, whereas only three percent of females managed to get the same result. 



However, for ordinary level it was the opposite as females did better overall.


Almost five percent of males failed the paper.


In higher-level physics, females students secured a higher percentage of top grades despite being outnumber two to one by schoolboys.


Males did better in Chemistry, but Biology results were once again higher for young women.


Whether you're female or male, a big congratulations on your results.