A mother was threatened with some serious consequences today in Limerick District Court, if her daughter would not improve her school attendance.


Seven days in jail for each day her 15-year-old doesn’t go to school was what Judge Aingeal Ní Chonduín told a mother she could be facing.


The child in question had missed 60% of the current school term.


Acting for the plaintiff, Solicitor Gavin Sharry said this issue was “very serious” and that there has been a worrying deterioration in school attendance.


John Herbert, on behalf of the mother, admitted his client needed to “pull up her socks”.


The mother swore under oath that she would make sure her daughter did not miss any more school this term.



"I hate to see a child lose out on education or be disadvantaged." Judge Ní Chonduín said.


"Remember, if (your daughter) misses one day of school for the remainder of the school term, I'll jail you for seven days."


Addressing John Herbert, the judge said: "She needs to know I'm dead serious.”


"I'm going to keep a tight rein on this."


"Make sure your child is in school every day...don't try to fool around or mess around with me," she concluded.


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