LloydsPharmacy research shows Irish peoples attitudes towards managing their health are changing

Recent research undertaken by LloydsPharmacy has shown an interesting trend within the Irish population, with an increased focus being placed on managing and improving their health. The research has shown over the last couple of years 51% of Irish adults are eating healthier, 35% are spending more time outside and 33% are trying to sleep longer. The research also showed 35% have started to take a vitamin or supplement, rising to 42% in those aged 55-64. This is further proven within LloydsPharmacy where they are seeing double-digit year-to-date growth in vitamin & supplement sales. Additionally, 49% of people say they would get vaccines, including the flu vaccine, 32% are setting health targets and goals, and 29% also show an interest in tracking their health, sleep and exercise through Fitbits and app trackers.

LloydsPharmacy are responding to these findings by adapting and evolving their offering to support and encourage the Irish population to take a more proactive interest in managing and improving their health. They will continue to offer their patients tailored advise on products and lifestyle recommendations. They will focus on expanding their pharmacy services which currently offers a wide range of vaccinations, from Flu and Pneumonia to HPV and Shingles, as well as customers health checks: blood pressure measurements, BMI checks, smoking cessation, and weight loss management programmes.

In line with this direction and with winter fast approaching, LloydsPharmacy are encouraging their local communities to help prevent and protect those most vulnerable to sickness during winter months by accessing their Flu vaccination service. The flu vaccination is considered the best form of protection against flu and its complications. Reports from Australia show that the flu season has been particularly concerning for children, with 72% of people admitted with confirmed influenza across sentinel hospital sites were children aged 16 years and younger.

Another important way to boost immunity and protection this winter is through vitamins and supplements, and LloydsPharmacy are running a Buy One Get One Half Price offer throughout September where you can mix and match on selected vitamins and supplements. LloydsPharmacy colleagues are available to advise their local communities on how to help keep their family healthy this winter, whether it is the best medication for cough and colds or what vitamins and supplements can support their immune system.

Denis O’Driscoll, LloydsPharmacy Superintendent Pharmacist said “At LloydsPharmacy we want to ensure that our communities are protected. This is why we are offering the Flu vaccination in pharmacies throughout Ireland and encouraging Irish adults and children to avail of this service. It is great to see that adults across all age groups are taking a more proactive approach to their health, with a strong interest in vitamins to support certain needs like energy, immunity, joint care, anxiety, and sleep but we still need people to get the flu vaccine to protect themselves”.

You can book your flu vaccine through the LloydsPharmacy appointment booking tool. You can conveniently book your appointment, visit www.lloydspharmacy.ie or download the LloydsPharmacy Ireland app where a range of appointment booking options are available, including Flu, COVID-19 boosters, Pneumonia, HPV, Shingles, and Travel Vaccinations.