It is not usual for parents to finish up the year with one or two days of annual leave left over that they never used.


While many of us plan midterm breaks and summer holidays well in advanced, some mums, who due to pressures at work or an inability to get a particular day off, can find they have lost a number of leave days.


However, it is important to take them all not just to get away from the office but for the health of your mental wellbeing.


Here are eight reasons you should ALWAYS use up ALL of your leave:


1. Time away will help you focus better when you do return


2. Your body and mental wellbeing need time to recharge


3. Your energy levels will soar after a few days off – you won’t feel as sluggish in the mornings



4. Time away will improve your happiness levels, particularly if that time away is spent in the sun!


5. Staying away from a stressful work environment will benefit your physical health


6. Family time, without the stress of work, is important for both you and your kids


7. Everyone needs a break from routine to clear their head and look at things with fresh eyes


8. Women who frequently take time away from work are less likely to suffer with depression or fatigue