Love is Blind star Kenneth shares insight into ‘phenomenal connection’ with Brittany

*Contains spoilers for Love is Blind Season 6, episodes 7-9*

Kenneth Gorman has been opening up about his relationship with Brittany Mills.

After the pair met in The Pods of Love is Blind, they went on to get engaged and spent time in the Dominican Republic together with the other engaged couples from the show.

Kenneth and Brittany then returned to their normal loves to try living together ahead of their big day. 

Credit: Netflix

During their time living together in North Carolina, they soon realised they were not meant to be and decided to call off their wedding, much to the surprise of viewers. 

Now, Kenneth is sharing and insight into his and Brittany’s relationship, their ‘phenomenal connection’ and why they ultimately decided not to tie the knot. 

Speaking to People, the principal revealed, “Brittany and I just had a phenomenal connection. It was so real, so genuine, so authentic, something I had never experienced before to that level”.

“As hard as it was for me to say, ‘I think it's the time we need to just walk away from each other at this moment’, ultimately, what it was for me is just the power of time”.

“At that time, we were less than a week away from our wedding. And so, I said to myself, ‘As much as I would love to still fight for this thing, considering where we are right now, there's no way that we could say yes to each other in a week's time, with these feelings kind of being where they're right now’”.

Kenneth admitted, “As hard as it was, as difficult as it was, so much love that I had for Brittany, I kind of just had to lean there with my decision at that time”.

The 26-year-old then explained that he ‘knew ahead of their split’ that he and Brittany weren’t destined to get married. 

“There were moments before where I was like, I can kind of feel some things that are a little icky for me. But I'm such a fighter, I just believe in fighting, so that's just my life. In all facets of my life, I'm just very big on, ‘No, I'm going to fight to the end, tooth and nail’”.

Credit: Netflix

“And so, even with me feeling those moments of Brittany and I might maybe not be on the same page, I still said to myself, ‘I'm going to go with it’. But at that final moment I was like,’Yeah, this is it ... We're here, with a week's time, so not the best thing to keep going’”.

Kenneth also spoke about the many silent moments between him and Brittany that viewers saw during filming, revealing that he ‘processes things internally’.

“I'm like a silent processor. And so, there are many times where things were happening, things were said between the two of us, and instead of me just responding in the moment just impulsively, I pretty much just started to retreat”.

“And me retreating was my way of processing internally ... And so, that's what I learned through this experience, was like, ‘Yeah, Ken, your tendency, when you feel away about something or you're trying to process it, you just kind of mellow out, and you're just kind of more not vocal’”.