Love Island winner Sammy Root reflects on sudden breakup from Jess Harding

Sammy Root has been reflecting on his split from Jess Harding.

After winning the 10th series of Love Island in July 2023, Sammy and Jess shocked fans when they announced their breakup just over two months later.

Jess has since hinted that she has moved onto a new romance, as she teased her relationship with a new man in March.


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Now, as Sammy continues life as a single man, he has chosen to look back on his time with Jess.

In an interview with OK!, the 23-year-old was quizzed on where he stands now with his ex-girlfriend.

“We don't speak to each other out of respect. I think she’s in a relationship now, and I wouldn't want to bother her,” he admitted.

“We haven’t really got anything to talk about to be honest. But if I did see her, I’d always say hello. I’m sure she’d say hello back. I wish her the best. I think we're just sort of doing our own thing now,” he continued.

The reality star went on to note how he has been handling his first public breakup.

“At the end of the day, me and Jess left it where we left it. I don't get bogged down and stuff. Like if something happens just pick yourself up and crack on,” he stated.


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“I mean, to be honest, I just wish her the best and I've got enough to focus on myself this year anyway to be worried about other people. So yeah, I'm ready to sort of crack on and do my thing,” he explained.

Confessing that he has no interest in dating right now, Sammy went on to add: “Right now I'm single. Like I said before, I’ve been put in a position that people dream of so to waste this opportunity sort of chasing girls, I think that'd be a big mistake.”

He concluded: “This year I promised myself that I'm focusing on bettering myself. And getting myself into a position where I’m happy.”