If you live for regular tea breaks in the office, you may want to consider investing in a crate of plastic cups.

Yes, you’ll look like the office weirdo, but it’s preferable to sipping on a cup contaminated with fecal matter, right?


According to professor of environmental microbiology at the University of Arizona, Charles Gerba, a staggering 90% of office mugs harbour dangerous germs with 20% actually carrying fecal bacteria.

That’s right ladies, according to those in the know one in five of work mugs house bacteria which originated in the office bathroom.


Oh, and if you think you’ve beaten the system by going to town on your mug with the communal kitchen sponge or scrub brush, think again.

With your colleagues doing the same, you’re simply transferring the bacteria from one cup to the next and making the situation worse.

Oh, gooood!