If you find yourself lagging throughout the day, you may just need to incorporate some new habits into your routine. 

As busy mums, we're constantly on-the-go so it's no surprise we often find ourselves reaching for a coffee or bar of chocolate in order to get a much-needed caffeine or sugar rush, but relying on this on a regular basis won't do us any good.

Juggling family commitments and work responsibilities means we often feel overwhelmed, and find ourselves hitting a slump at particular times of the day.

If this sounds familiar, then it's high-time you check out our top tips for staying upbeat and alert no matter what life throws at you.


1. Hydration is key


The benefits of water cannot be underestimated, and it is the perfect way to give your body a much-needed energy boost.


Kickstart your day with a glass of cold water and be sure to keep sipping until bed time.


Top tip: The next time you reach for the coffee pot, take a moment and drink a glass of water instead


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2. Breakfast matters


Tending to our children's dietary needs is second nature to us, but how often do we take our own needs into account at the busiest time of the day?


If you take fifteen minutes every morning to fuel yourself with a breakfast packed full of protein, you will be stunned by the effect it has on your energy levels.


Top tip: Swap your normal cereal or porridge for an egg-based breakfast and wonder at the difference.


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3. Exercise


We know it can be incredibly difficult to fit in a gym class or full-on exercise routine every day, but there's a lot to be said for a small bit of physical activity.


If you find yourself tied for time, then why not take fifteen minutes to pound the pavement at a local park once a day?


Top tip: Use the 15 minutes you normally take to catch up on your social media, and grab some fresh air during a bracing walk instead.


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4. Sleep


By rifling through work documents, browsing social media or watching television, we forget how important the sacred space of our bed is.


If you don't get into bed until you're ready to close your eyes and sleep, you'll soon find yourself establishing a good routine.


Top tip: Avoid pressing snooze every morning as this tends to affect your energy levels by wreaking havoc on your sleeping pattern.



5. Snack, snack, snack


It's important to fuel your body throughout the day, and you do this by including healthy snacks in your daily diet.


Don't let yourself become hungry - something which inevitable precedes an energy slump- by snacking on nuts and bananas throughout the day.


Top tip: In the same way you wouldn't send your kids to school or extracurricular activities without a small snack, it's important you treat yourself with the same care and kindness.