#MakeTime2Check campaign encourages women to check their breasts on regular basis

Despite the fact that breast cancer affects women of all ages, most women assume that this is only something that affects the over 50s.

A new commercial created by Core and Saturday Films for Breast Cancer Ireland highlights that breast cancer does not only affect the over 50s and encourages all women to check their breasts on a regular basis.

Called ‘The Diagnosis’, the commercial shows a mother and daughter receiving a cancer diagnosis. We assume - of course - that it is the mother who has breast cancer, and in a highly moving series of events we see the pair comfort one another as they come to terms with the diagnosis, and each recognise the preciousness of the time they spend together. In a surprising plot twist, however, we realise that it is, in fact, the daughter who has the cancer, and because it was caught early, she is going to make a full recovery.

The commercial is the first to be produced by new production company Saturday Films, and was directed by Stevie Russell and produced by Gary Moore.

Aisling Hurley, CEO Breast Cancer Ireland, said:

“Because earlier detection saves lives we feel it is essential that we get women of all ages to check their breasts on a regular basis. Unfortunately, currently only 26% of women do this. We believe that this commercial as part of the broader #MakeTime2Check campaign will begin to make this a behaviour that the vast majority of women begin to adopt, whatever their age.”

Mike Garner, Creative Director, Core said:

“This powerful piece of work was a labour of love for everyone involved. The idea for the commercial came from the strategist working on the account, Jay Reid, whose mother is a recent cancer survivor. Jay’s idea was brought to life beautifully by Director Stevie Russell and the team at Saturday films.”