Bathtime is not only a great way to keep your little one clean and bond with them, it is also a great way to have lots of fun together.


Here are six ways to make bathtime more enjoyable


Sing to them

Whether or not you have a good singing voice, your little one will relish you belting out a tune for them. A CD player outside the door softly playing music will add to the ambience and help soothe your baby.


Have lots of toys ready

While there are so many bath toys available to help keep your little one happy and amused you don’t need to spend a fortune stocking up. Pouring jugs, sponges, plastic spoons, cups and even face cloths are great items to play with. 


Lots of bubbles  

A bubble machine is a really good way to keep your little one happy. The feel of the bubbles popping in their hands or on their skin will introduce them to new sensations and textures.


Fill the tub with lots of bubbles

Children love a bath full of bubbles so make sure you are generous with what you pour in. However, when choosing a product make sure it is suitable for your baby's sensitive skin and avoid using products for adults. 


Talk to them

Your little one loves to hear the sound of your voice so spend time softly talking to them. Talk about what you are doing - when you go to wash their hair make sure you tell them gently so they don’t get a fright, what you are getting up to that day etc.


Make sure the room is nice and warm

It’s not just being in the bath that makes it enjoyable, the environment plays a huge role in ensuring your little one has fun and a good experience. Above all else, make sure your bathroom is warm and cosy so that your little one doesn’t get a cold. As they won’t be completely submerged in the water they may feel more of a chill so keep the heating on and have a warm towel waiting for them for when they get out.