Megan McKenna reveals she underwent IVF as she opens up about fertility struggles

Megan McKenna has spoken out about her fertility struggles. 

Last week, the former The Only Way is Essex star announced that she and her fiancé Oliver Burke are expecting a baby together. 

In a new insight, Megan has revealed that she and Oliver were ‘trying naturally’ to conceive for a while before she underwent IVF treatment.

While sharing an insight into her fertility journey, Megan opened up about freezing her eggs after having been diagnosed with PCOS when she was younger. 

McKenna posted an emotional video compilation to her 2.8M Instagram followers of her having daily injections and attending hospital visits. 

In the caption, the former reality star wrote a detailed message that reads, “We was trying naturally for a while & not falling pregnant.. I wanted to make sure everything was ok in there so we dicided to see a fertility clinic. When I was younger I was diagnosed with pcos & knew I should freeze my eggs at some point”.

“We went & had a scan & tests & it showed that my ovaries were ok but my womb lining was thin! It was at 5 when it should be at 8 & there was some other issues we needed help with. Im so happy we went to see a fertility clinic or I would never of known as my lining wouldn’t have been thick enough to make a successful implantation”.

“We spoke with our doctor & decided to freeze our embryos first & also have 1 implanted once my lining was at the right thickness & was nice and healthy. I started on medication 3 times a day & injections twice a day & pesserys for extra progesterone. After months of getting my lining good I went in for an egg retrieval. Everything went amazing we got so many eggs & Oli done his part”.

Megan continued, “A few days later I started to get unwell & it turned out I had OHSS. Over hyper stimulation of my ovaries. Very painful & dangerous because my ovaries were HUGE! I had fluid leaking inside my stomach which was making my belly swell & I couldn’t walk it was so painful”.

“Some people just get it. I was hospitalised for 6 days & was now on blood thinners to make sure nothing else bad happened. Sadly We didn’t get many embryos in the end : ( they didn’t survive the thawing process.. but we got enough to make this happen… A few months after getting myself better and fit!! We decided it was time to have our AAA embryo implanted! It was incredible”.

“I was back on the meds & injections as my womb lining had dropped again. I was also taking baby aspirin to stop miscarriage. A month later when my lining was good we had our baby put in it was the most magical experience seeing it go into me being placed safely with embryo glue to make sure it sticks! & it did!”.

Megan went on to thank her doctor and other medical staff before adding, “I feel so lucky to be where I am & couldn’t have done it without them. Thank you to Oli for being my rock & my at home doctor & my mum for always being there for me”.