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Milupa product trial feedback
21/02/2012 11:00
This is where our mummy product testers should write their feedback for Milupa products.
We're looking forward to hearing what you think.
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Milupa product trial feedback
15/04/2012 13:02
I knew my baby was ready for weaning becuase he seemed hungry but wouldn't finish his bottle feed, he was chewing on his hands a lot more and seemed more interested in what i was eating.
The first solid food I gave him was Milupa baby rice. It was very funny watching his reaction to the new taste but he ate is without spitting it out.
Other Milupa products I had already tried were the baby rice and banana bedtime - which he loves.
It's definitely good to know that Milupa cereals are high in iron, vitamin C and calcium. You hear so much about how the first year is so important and its hard to get the balance of foods right at the start of weaning....its reassuring to know he's getting the vitamins and minerals he needs.
I found preparing the food very quick, and getting the consistency right only took about 2 attempts, which was great.
My baby preferred Banana Bedtime.....he really really loved this. I could give it to him breakfast, dinner and tea without complaint. I think its probably because of the sweetness-babies take to sweet things so easily. I did try him on normal mashed banana but he didn't have the same reaction.
I have also been feeding him fruit - apple,pear, banana. vegetables - carrots, parsnip, turnip, peas, broccolli. He also loves liga, rusk and the glenisk sugar free baby yoghurts. I tend to mix some baby rice with the liga and rusk and I mix the fruit and veg in different combinations to vary the flavour.
I feed him before a feed. I find it so much easier for him....during or after a feed he was less interested in eating and would only have a few spoons before stopping. I also give him cooled boiled water to have after every few spoonfulls, this seems to help him to clear whats in his mouth and he eats more easily.
I am aware there are recipes on the Milupa site, but I haven't gotten round to making any of these yet....but from reading the previous reviews i will definitely try the shepherds pie and a few others.
I will most definiteley buy Milupa cereals, I had bought the rice and banana bedtime to start off weaning, and since my son's reactions to them (and the sunshine orange from the trial) i will definitley try other types.
I was delighted to be chosen to take part in this trial. My son(who is 5 months) loved both the Banana Bedtime and the Sunshine Orange. The vouchers will also be put to good use. The milupa spoon that was sent with the pack was not successful. I tried it on 2 occassions but found it too deep for my son to eat from and also at the end of each meal my son likes to take the spoon and chew on it - this spoon was too narrow and deep for him to use.
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Milupa product trial feedback
15/04/2012 18:57
My baby is 6.5mths old. I started weaning her at 6mths as she is not a great milk feeder and from judging my other two kids they loved 'the spoon'. I had previously used milia baby products particularly the fruity bedtime one. I have not used the spoon by spoon website yet and had not been aware of it before now. I will deffo log onto it for ideas!
I loved the Milupa baby spoon and felt my baby fed great from it. I would but these type if they were to be sold in a supermarket.
I also feel relaxed when I know there are great nutrients in the military products. The first solid I let my daughter have was babyrice with apply peer and she still loves this! I also give her homemade puréed at lunchtime every day. I will continue to buy the Milupa products. Always have around 4 boxes on larder!
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Milupa product trial feedback
15/04/2012 22:06
I knew my girl was reading for weaning because she was still fussing after being breastfed, and looking for more feeds. She was watching me intently when I ate, and soon began to try to grab my food/drink.
The first solid food I gave her was Baby Rice made with breastmilk, but I found it to be very watery, no matter how little milk I used, so changed to mixing it with formula instead, gave a much better consistency in my opinion.
I was aware of Milupa before this trial, my baby girl was mostly breastfed, but occasionally had a carton of formula, which was always Milupa Aptamil. The first baby rice I used was Milupa, and most of the following cereals I bought before and since the trial have been Milupa.
I'm very happy to know that Milupa cereals are high in iron, vitamin C and calcium. My girl is currently teething quite badly, and her appetite has reduced alot. I make all her meals from fresh produce, but when she isn't eating my home cooking, she'll often be okay with having cereals instead, so knowing they are packed with vital vitamins and minerals reduces my worries when she's eating less veggies and meat.
Preparing the food was fine, took a few tries to get the right consistency, but even if I made it too thick or too thin it was easy to rectify. :-)
We got the Creamed Porridge and the Fruity Bedtime Cereal. My baby definately prefered the porridge. I can't be sure why, but the Fruity Bedtime Cereal was much sweeter, and seemed to be a stickier consistency, so maybe that's why she preferred the Creamy Porridge. She's generally better at eating in the morning too, so perhaps that had some bearing on matters too.
To begin with I fed my baby just Baby Rice. We moved on to steamed, pureed veggies - Sweet Potato, Carrot, Parsnip, Swede, Butternut Squash etc. A little later we began fruit, again steamed and pureed, apple, prunes, apricots etc. We have tried chicken and mince, but Sadhbh isn't too keen yet.She does love rusks now, and after weeks of turning her face away from it mushed, she now wolfs down whole bananas!
I always feed her solids first, with water, and give her milk about 2 hours after her meal, unless she indicates she wants it sooner.
I wasn't aware that Milupa website has weaning recipes before the trial. I'm always on the lookout for new ideas, so it's another great source for my experimentation. I will absolutely try them - I'll try any new recipe, unless I feel Sadhbh isn't ready for / dislikes the ingredients.
I buy Milupa cereals already, just the other day I got three boxes, on offer from Dunnes Stores, for E8. She has some for breakfast every morning, and they're handy to offer her at other times if she won't eat what I've prepared.
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Milupa product trial feedback
16/04/2012 12:43
my daughter was 6.5months when i received products in the post. I got a fruity bedtime and a banana cereal. My daughter had no interest in being weaned really,she was happy with bottles but i had been introducing her to a spoon of babyrice a day frm 6 months. I gave her the banana porridge in the mornings nd the fruity bedtime before bed. She LOVED both! i would follow the feed with a drink from her bottle.I found the cereals so easy to make..couldn't be easier! I was aware of the milupa brand as i had used the cereals when my son was a baby.
I would definitely buy milupa products again, my daughter gets so excited when she sees me mixing it up!
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Milupa product trial feedback
16/04/2012 18:34
I knew he was ready for weaning when my son started waking up during the night (every two hours for food!), having previously slept through, I knew it was time to introduce solid food. He is a big baby and needed more than breast milk at 5 months old.
The first solid food I gave him was cow and gate porridge.
I was aware of the Milupa brand but I had never used it. I was happy to know that the Milupa cereals are high in iron, vitamin C and calcium, absolutely.
I found preparing the food very easy to do, just add water :) after the first couple of times of preparing it I knew exactly how my son liked it (in terms of texture and consistency). My son preferred the bedtimem cereal.
Up until now we have just been feeding on breastmilk and cow and gate porridge, we are quite early into the weaning stage . Whilst giving him the products on trial I also introduced savoury foods such as pureed vegetables and pureed fruits mixed with baby rice. I feed him about an hour after a milk feed.
During the trial I looked up the Milupa website and found lots of useful weaning recipes, and I would definatly make some of them.
Since this trial, I have started buying Milupa cereals. Looking forward to trying out all the different tastes!

The spoon given with the pack is brillaint too, its actually the only spoon my little guy will eat from..I think its because its thinner than the rnubber spoons you can buy in the shops. I emailed Rachel and she asked on my behalf where I can buy some and Im being sent out some! So happy about thank, thanks a million Rachel!
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Milupa product trial feedback
18/04/2012 12:40
I knew my baby was ready for weaning as he no longer seemed content after a feed and started waking up in the middle of the night for a bottle, whereas before he slept through the night.
The first solid food I gave my son was Milupa baby rice. We also had the Sunshine Orange - both were recommended to me.
I am very happy that Milupa cereals are high in Iron and Vitamin C as I know they are important for baby’s growth, I always check ingredients before I buy.
Milupa cereals are simple to prepare, and provide a quick and easy meal which is great when you are a busy mum.
My baby liked both products –( Creamy porridge and fruity bed-time) He has a great appetite, and enjoys trying new tastes.
I have given my baby lots of different pureed veg such as carrots, potato, sweet potato, parsnips and broccoli, He also has had Shepherd’s pie, Bananas, Scrambled egg, and enjoys milupa baby cereals in the mornings .
My baby has his solid foods before a milk feed.
I am aware of the recipes on the Milupa website now! I look forward to trying them out now that my baby is used to more textured foods, I have been using my Annabel Karmel book so far.
I already buy Milupa cereals and will continue doing so as they are great and my son loves them.

Thanks for letting me be part of the trial :)
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Milupa product trial feedback
18/04/2012 21:31
We were trying out the Sunshine orange and the bedtime banana with my daughter who is 4mth old.

I knew she was ready for weaning because she was showing all the usual signs and was looking for feeds often-every 2hrs nearly. The first solid food I gave her was baby rice with a little pureed apple, we did use the spoon that came with the boxes of cereals and she took the food from it no problem. She likes to play with a spoon anyway and was quite good at putting it to her mouth but did not give her the one that came with the boxes of cereal as felt she could have hurt herself with it., but she had no problem taking the food from it from us.

I was aware of the Milupa brand before I signed up, I have 2 boys already and would have used milupa cereals in the past. I was happy to know that the Milupa cereals are high in iron, vitamin C and calcium.

The food is easy enough to prepare although it can go from being of a nice consitency to very runny a bit too quick

She preferred the bedtime banana, why I don't really know as I did offer each one at different times of the day over a few days but she seemed to like the banana more and got excited everytime the spoon got near her mouth.

We have only just begun weaning so haven't tried feeding her much else yet, but she has had baby rice, pureed apple and a mix of vegetable purees.

I usually fed her solid food before or not too long after a milk feed as I was trying to space out the milk feeds a bit more-she was looking for a feed every 2 hrs during the day but even when she had a little spoon feed in between milk feeds it never got me more than 2 1/2 hrs between milk feeds.

I am aware that the Milupa Spoon by Spoon website has a wide range of baby friendly weaning recipes and I will look up the recipes over the next few weeks/month.

I would consider buying Milupa cereals in future, I never used jars of baby food as always made my own but I will buy the cereals as I bought them for my 2 boys when they were babies and they always went down well.
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Milupa product trial feedback
18/04/2012 22:38
I was delighted to be part of the Milupa trial. We had Sunshine Orange and Banana Bedtime to try. My daughter is only 4 months old but we decided to start weaning her when she showed a great interest in what we were eating. Her fists were constantly in her mouth and the bottle feed simply didn't seem to satisfy her. Her first taste was of the Milupa cereals. I was aware of the brand before I signed up to the trial, as I gave them to my other daughter nearly 4 years ago, and so was eager to try them again. I think that it is great they are high in iron, vitamin C and calcium while tasting good . The cereals are very quick and easy to prepare and the instructions on the packet are very clear, which from what I can recall, is an improvement since the first time I used them.

Out of the two products we tried, my daughter seemed to prefer the Sunshine orange, perhaps because when made up it wasn't as thick as the Bedtime Banana. I have also given her some pureed fruit to try and Apple and Pear is a big hit! It was difficult to know what time was best to try spoonfeeding. I tried to do it when she was a little hungry but not starving, so maybe an hour before her bottlefeed. This is what is working best for us at the moment.

I have recently discovered the Milupa Spoon by Spoon webiste and am keen to try some of their weaning recipes. I will continue to purchase Milupa cereals and look forward to trying some new flavours with my daughter as she progresses through the weaning process.
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Milupa product trial feedback
19/04/2012 08:22
I felt my baby was ready for weaning as he was waking up from the beginning of 16 weeks (end march) looking for feeds when he would normally sleep 7pm until 4.30 he began waking at 11pm and 3am so when he turned 4mths on the 7th April decided to begin weaning as he was on 7oz bottles.
The first solid food I gave him was Milupa baby rice. I was aware of the brand and used Milupa with my other two sons their favourite was always 7 cereals my older son who is almost 7 ate it up til until he was 4 mixed with weetabix as my 3 year old would have been eating it at the time. He's been asking when will Sam start eating it :) .
It is good to know that Milupa cereals are high in iron, vitamin C and calcium and exactly what is going into my baby. I was always aware of the quality of ingredients in the product. I found the preparation very simple cooled boiled water which I keep in sterilised bottle, simple to prepare anywhere. My son loved the both but think he preferred banana bedtime, he gets very excited having it for his tea. I've also made him purée apple with parsnips, puréed sweet potatoe with carrots and parsnips, roasted puréed butternut squash and puréed fruit (pear apple mango). I'd give it to him before mid morning feed suited the best and this is what I've done with all three
I know the Spoon by Spoon website and do think I'll be using some of the recipes and will definitely be buying more products like I did always.
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Milupa product trial feedback
19/04/2012 09:16
Hi my son is going to be 6 months tomorrow, and has been eating for about a month and a half now. I knew it was time to start weaning him onto solids because he was always hungry after his bottles were done. When he was just 3 months, he was eating the recommended amount for a 6 month old. So at about 18 weeks, we started to wean him. The very first food he was given was the Milupa Sunshine Orange. He had the best faces and I videotaped it so we can see his face later on in life. It was priceless :o) Anyway, he did not take to the Sunshine Orange, even after quite a few attempts here and there he just didn't like it but he had the concept down. What he did love was the Milupa Banana Cereal, Rusk Biscuits, and real bananas, so we have been giving him them ever since. He is loving the Milupa products (except the Orange one) and I cannot wait to start feeding him the 6M+ cereals for him to start venturing out to the new products.

I received my package which consisted of the Milupa Bedtime Banana and the Creamed Rice. I was so happy to try out 2 new products, so I made him the creamed rice the first day. He isn't as interested in the creamed rice as the others, but he eats it. I think it's because the other items he is being fed are a bit sweeter than the creamed rice, but he does enjoy eating in general so he takes it down like he's been eating for months. The Bedtime Banana cereal was the real winner. He just loves eating that one, and he sleeps all night now without waking up hungry at 4AM which is huge! I feed him the Bedtime Banana around 6:30 - 7PM followed by his usual nighttime bottle. He is changed and goes to bed around 9 - 9:30PM and sleeps until 8AM almost every morning. I just have to say that Bedtime Banana is fantastic, and I will be feeding it to my son until he is onto real dinners. It truly is what it says it is, and I am just over the moon about it. Not only that, but preparing the cereals are a piece of cake too. Obviously depending on your child's demands, it needs to be tweeked to their liking. My son likes the cereals with the consistency of regular oatmeal. Any thicker or thinner than that and he gags, so I have it down pat now.

As I said previously my son loves eating, so I have a bit of a system to keep him full and happy throughout the day. I have split his one full bottle in half (I find this is the best method for hungrier babies), so instead of getting one bottle at 240 ML he is getting 2 120 ML bottles within 45 minutes of each other. When it is time for him to eat his daily lunch and bedtime meal I have changed the routine also. I give him a 120 ML bottle, then 45 minutes later he eats his lunch/bedtime meal, and then 30 minutes after that he drinks another 120 ML bottle. Since I have been doing this, he is never crying because of hunger and he sleeps phenomenally.

Not only is my son loving the Bedtime Banana and the regular Banana Cereal (both from Milupa) but I also love it because of the fantastic supply of vitamins and minerals that he needs. He has a weak stomach, so alot of foods I have tried so far he has gotten sick almost immediately. He can't eat anything that is acidic (Apples, Pears, Oranges, Etc.), so he has been eating safely with products I know he can handle and knowing that they are filled with the required vitamins and minerals he needs to grow up strong just puts me at ease. His eating menu at the moment consists of as follows:

Cow & Gate Formula, Real Bananas, Milupa Bedtime Banana, Creamed Rice, Banana Cereal, Rusk Biscuits, Petits Filous Yogurt, and Sweet Potato. Looking forward to expanding in the near future.

I am from New Jersey, USA so I had never heard of Milupa until moving here. My husband is from Ireland, so he knew all about the products. I couldn't believe how expensive baby food is here, but with the 1.00 off coupon for Milupa cereal I had received from a package I received from SuperValu I gave it a go. I am so happy I bought it now and buy Milupa cereal whenever it is on sale. And now that I know there is a website with recipes for my son, I will definitely try them out. My husband and I are very adventurous when it comes to food and we want our son to be the same way. I will give him anything new to try and see what he thinks of it (obviously certain foods I won't be giving him until he is older but you get the drift)

Thank you so much for lettinng me participate in this product trial. It is always great to have free products sent to your door to try out. I love giving my opinions on anything and everything, so I enjoyed it immensely! Milupa is definitely a keeper for our household :o)
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Milupa product trial feedback
20/04/2012 13:47
hey guys i was really happy when i got my trail pack from milupa + that handy little spoon my baby is almost 4 months old so i knew it was near the time to try some food i tryed just a few spoon fulls at first i was a bit of a struggle at first like most babies it just takes time to get used to feeding from a spoon but we got there in the end we tryed the sunshine orange 1st in the mornings for breakfast and i can honestly say she loves it and real easy to prepare just add the water and its done not like some others were you have to add the babies formula i found that i bit to messy then we tryed a little bowl of sunshine orange and she loves it when she sees the bowl she get all excited so the breakfast is going really good i will be buying a lot of sunshine orange from now on lol all in all iv'e a happy bouning baby girl and im one happy mammy thanx again guys for the free sample :)
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Milupa product trial feedback
21/04/2012 10:39
I received my weaning pack last week, my lo was 6mths on the 10th of this month. I knew she was ready for weaning as she hadnt started to wake during the night for a bottle again, she was grabbing at our food and as she had turned 6 mths i knew it was time to start.
The very fist food i gave her was Milupa creamed rice which she loved and still loves, i also tried her with pureed sweet potato but it seemed a bit hard on her tummy.
I remember my mum giving my brother (14yrs old) sunshine orange when he was a baby and i also started my older 2 boys (9&5) on sunshine orange when i weaned them.
I found the food very easy to prepare which is great as with having 2 older boys and school runs, after school clubs etc i am usually rushing around.
My lo prefers milupa creamed rice but enjoys them all, atm i have 4 milupa feeds that we alternate between banana bedtime, creamed rice, fuity rice and semolia & honey. She has one for her breakfast and one for her tea.
She also has home made purees during the day when boys are in school and i have some more time, i have a supply of them the freezer.
I didnt know about the spoon by spoon site, but will def be taking a look at it it sounds great. I will def try out some of the recipes on there as i do like to give her homemade meals. I will use milupa cereals for her breakfast as she loves them and they are quick, handy and are high in iron, calcium and vitamin c.
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Milupa product trial feedback
24/04/2012 09:14
I knew my son (10months) was ready for weaning at 4 months as he was a big baby born and seemed to want more than just milk to fill him up.The first thing i tried him on was plain baby rice which he loved

I was alwyas aware of milupa cereals but never knew they were all high in iron, vitamin C and calcium.

I made the ceral with either his own sma milk or some super milk. and heated, very quick and easy to do

I liked both products so did little man but i think i prefered teh bedtime cereal with lemonbalm as it really did relax him and get him sleepy for bed so id reccommend that to parents struggling getting their babies settled for bed!!

Ive also been feeding him the usual mash, meat and veg etc for dinner, yogurt, fruit, liga etc. And i usualy feed him before his bottle, when he was younger though id give him some of his milk first

I wasnt aware of milupas website but i will deffinitly be having a look and will most likely try soem of their recipes.

All in all I have a new found love for milupa products and would love to buy them again but unfortunatly when looking at their prices in the shops I find their products a little too overpriced especially with my budget but will be looking out for when there are offers on :)

Thanks again x
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Milupa product trial feedback
25/04/2012 13:13
Hey MummyPages!
Thanks for letting me take part in the trial. We were given the Sunshine Orange and Banana Bedtime to try out. My little boy is just gone 4 months (can’t believe he’s growing so fast!) and I decided to start weaning because he was showing the classic signs of being ready. We would watch us intently while we ate and had he fists in his mouth constantly. Bottle feeding didn’t satisfy him as much as it used to.
These Milupa cereals were our first try at weaning. I was aware of Milupa and their products but this was my first time trying them out. I was eager to see if he would like them. I am delighted that they are high in iron, vitamin C and calcium – as a first time mum I’m always worrying if my little one is getting all the good stuff he needs so it’s really reassuring to know Milupa cereals take care of many of his requirements.
The cereals are so simple to make – very quick and easy to prepare which is exactly what a busy mum like myself needs. The instructions on the packet were clear so I didn’t have much trouble. It took me a couple of goes to get the consistency right but that’s to be expected.
My little boy loved both products – hurray! I was worried that weaning would be a bit of a battle but he was totally happy to eat both the Sunshine Orange and the Banana Bedtime. I wasn’t sure when was best to spoon feed him – eventually I found that about an hour before bottle feeding was best. I find that he sleeps for a lot longer now that I use the Banana Bedtime which is a real treat for me!
Since starting the trial, I’ve been using the Spoon by Spoon website and have found some great recipes on it that he really likes. So far I’ve tried the peach puree and the banana puree and he really seemed to enjoy them so looking forward to trying out a few more.
I will definitely be buying the Milupa cereals again and using the Spoon by Spoon website more often.
Thanks again MummyPages! x
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Milupa product trial feedback
25/04/2012 15:27

I knew my daughter was ready for solids after the hungrier food and breast combi wasnt filling her any more, we were going through 6oz every 2 hour and she started to wake at night again. at 12 weeks we introduced a small bit of baby rice to her milk and she took it from the spoon very well once a day, we then progressed on to two meals and reduced an oz in her bottles. she then was introduced to sunshine orange and banana breckfast and is now eating everything we have puree'd down. she is now 5mths. I know some might say its early but it works for her and shes happy and healthy. I also perfer introducing the spoon early as later babies find it extreemly hard to understand it and do not ween well.


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