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Milupa product trial feedback
21/02/2012 11:00
This is where our mummy product testers should write their feedback for Milupa products.
We're looking forward to hearing what you think.
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Milupa product trial feedback
25/04/2012 16:20
i decided to use milupa cereals for my 16 week old because i had used it on my daughter and she loved it! I tried him with the fruity rice first and he loved it! I find it very quick and easy to makeup. Ive since tried him with the sunshine orange and his favourite bedtime banana! im also making him homemade veg for dinner too which is not a hit at the moment with him but im happy in knowing that he is getting vitamin c, calcium and iron from the milupa range! i will definitely continue to use milupa in the future with my son! He loves it!
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Milupa product trial feedback
25/04/2012 17:31
I was delighted to hear we were selected to give Milupa products a try. I recieved fruity bedtime and creamed porridge. Which are from 6 months onwards and red spoon which is really handy for eating the cereals.
I knew my son is ready for solids when he was 4 months old,he's a hunry baby so each time i eat my meal he tries to grab my food so i startd giving him cereal(milupa sunshine orange). My daughter who is now 3 loves sunshine orange when she was a baby. And my little fella loves it too.
I'm happy to know that the Milupa cereals are high in iron, vitamin C and calcium which are important minerals and vitamins for my baby’s growth.
I find the cereal easy to prepare just add water and zap it in the microwave for few secondsv and ready:).
My son prefers the fruity bedtime cereal compared to the creamed porridge.
I give my son mashed butternut squash, egg omelet, apple and pear puree, brocolli and carrots and a whole lot more.
I find the spoonbyspoon website great for recipes and loads of tips for weaning your baby so i highly recommend it.
I will continue buying the fruity bedtime cereal for my son because he likes it a lot.
Thanks Milupa and Mummy pages for choosing me to be one of the testers of Milupa products:)
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Milupa product trial feedback
25/04/2012 18:34
I recieved my boxes of milupa and was quite interested to see how my six month old would take to them. I knew she was ready for weaning as I tried at four months and she wasn't interested. When she was nearly six months everytime I ate in front of her she screamed and opened her mouth and licked her lips. She took to the milupa products immediately as I could change the texture according to her needs. The first solid food I gave my baby was the califlower, brocilli and chesse milupa powder and it went down like a treat. She just doesn't know when to stop eating she likes it that much. I was aware of the milupa brand before starting this group as my local tesco has a brillant variety of baby foods and weaning products. I was happy to discover that the milupa ranges are also very healthy for my baby and high in all the things she needs as I am very health conscious. Preparing the food was extremely handy as it is so quick. Mix with water or milk and ta daa food is ready. Only thing is I find I can only feed it to her when I'm at home as it wouldn't be easy to use whilst out and about. My baby prefered the fruity bedtime as it was really sweet and a good filling texture. I even found myself having a few mouthfuls. While weaning I have been feeding my baby Liga mixed up with her milk, and jars of food such as 'Grandpa's sunday dinner', Bolonegese etc. fruity yogurts aged 4+ months and also some mixes of my own dinners.At the beginning of the weaning process I found I had to give my baby half her bottle before I could feed her as she was to screamy but know she has more patience she has her bottle after her food, usually a couple of minutes after so her food is digested properly. I was aware of the recipes on your website and have taken notes. I buy the products regularly and would recommned them to anyone. Also the sppon that you sent me was brillant as it had a nice curve to it and was easier to get a good quantity into her as she needed it. Can you recommend a place to buy similar spoons as all the ones I have are to flat and to hard to feed her with.
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Milupa product trial feedback
25/04/2012 21:07
I was delighted to be selected as part of the Milupa product trial. I was sent the Fruity Bedtime and Oat and Apple Cereal. My son was just over 5 months when I started weaning him with the Milupa product samples that I had received. I knew he was ready for weaning as he was starting to waken more frequently throughout the night and appeared to be wanting 'more' after his feeds.

The first solid food I gave him was the Oat and Apple Cereal which was great to start off with as I could adjust the texture to suit him. His first feed was very watery and I was able to thicken it up as the days went on. Prior to weaning I had exclusively breastfed my little boy. I was aware of the Milupa brand before I signed up for the weaning trial, however, I was only aware of formula milk, I didnt realise about the wider range of food products they manufacture until I visited the spoon by spoon website. I would be keen to know where I can purchase these products as I've not seen them before in my local supermarkets.

I was very happy to know that the Milupa cereals were high in a number of vital nutrients essential for my little boy's growth and development. Both cereals were very quick and easy to prepare, cooled boiled water added and that was it....done! I also added a little bit of fruit puree to it a few times for variety. I used some other branded cereals with my eldest boy when he was weaning and I found it much easier to use cooled boiled water to mix up rather than formula milk, as I was breastfeeding at that stage too.

My little boy loved both cereal products equally. I have only really started weaning the past week and a half so have just really given him fruit pureed and the 2 Milupa cereal products. I also tried him with butternut squash and sweet potato but he wasn't too keen on them as yet. I fed him before a milk feed but have also been offering him water during his solid feeds.

I have only been made aware of the spoon by spoon website by being part of this trial. I have had a quick glance at it, however, plan to look through the recipes and meal planners once I get some free time, with 2 boys under 2 its difficult sometimes to get any time on the I'm sure many of you busy mums can appreciate. I will certainly look forward to trying out some of the recipes on there in due course. I'd love to purchase the Milupa cereals and would be very grateful if someone could point me in the right direction to enable me to purchase. Many thanks again for including me and my little one as part of your weaning trial :)
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Milupa product trial feedback
25/04/2012 22:19
My son was 5 months when we got on the trial - he was chewing his hands and waking during the night. Also anytime anyone was eating his eyes would follow the food so we knew it was time to try the solids!!!

We tried him on the Sunshine orange the first day and he loved it! I didn't like the spoon at first but I have gotten used to it now and it is great! As long as he doesn't try to grab it! A shorter one might be safer!!!

I was aware of the Milupa brand before the trial - my sister had fed them to her kids.

The preparation of the food was very easy but there were no guidelines about how much to start with - I know each baby is different but it would be nice to have some suggestions. We started him on a teaspoon but had to increase it fairly fast!!! It is really easy to prepare and he absolutely loves both the Sunshine orange and the Banana Bedtime. We also introduced some other fruits and vegetables so we mix up the feeds during the day and then he has his banana before he goes to bed. I feed him half his bottle first and the remainder during and after his solid feed. He is thriving and sleeping through the night now which is a great bonus.

I have been on the Spoonbyspoon website and find it great and will difinitely continue to buy the Milupa products,. I am planning to get the porridge when I introduce the breakfast feed. Thanks for the coupons - they will be well used!!

Many thanks for including us in the trial.Smiling
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Milupa product trial feedback
26/04/2012 09:30
I received 2 pkts of Milupa, Banana Bedtime and Sunshine Orange. Thanks so much for that.
My baby had just reached 17 weeks and was waking earlier and demolishing all bottles so I thought it was time for solids. The first solid I gave him was Milupa Baby rice, which he ate with no hesitation. I was aware of the Milupa products as he has an older sister and brother. Great to know that Milupa cereals are high in iron, Vitamin C and calcium which are important for babies development and growth.
I found preparing the food no problem at all, consistancy was good. I thought my son preferred the Sunshine Ornage but it may be that he had tried that before we got the trial pack so may of been more used to it. I have also been feeding my baby Fruity Rice, pureed fruit and pureed veg. I am just ready to introduce a third meal this weekend.
I feed my baby his solids first and then milk feed unless he is agitated or restless where I give half milk, then solids and then finish milk feed. I am aware of the Spoon by Spoon website and look forward to experimenting some of there recipes. I have a press full of Milupa cereals and intend of stocking up regularly.
Thanks a million for the trial pack. It is very much appreciated.
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Milupa product trial feedback
27/04/2012 13:29
I began weaning my baby at 4 months and 1 week old. She had been sleeping through the night from 4 weeks old, which was a wonderful surprise as she had colic and reflux, so as bad as the days were with continuos crying and high pitched screaming, it was always a welcome relief when she would go down at 9.30pm to 9.30am. We began noticing that the baby was watching us closely when we were eating and then she would put her hands into her mouth. I decided to try her with a spoon or 2 of baby rice in the morning with her bottle, which she loved. I then added more flavour by adding puréed fruit, such as apple or pear, in with the rice.
I was confident in using the Milupa brand of rice as I had been using a Milupa brand of formula from birth which I then changed to another Milupa brand of formula which was specifically for babies with colic, which helped greatly. Also as the Milupa cereals are high in iron, vitamin c and calcium, this was a great weight off my mind as I began the weaning process, as I was sure she was getting all she needed in her meals.

I received a box of fruity rice and banana bed time as part of this trial. I give my baby 3 spoons of fruity rice mixed with 7 spoons of formula milk for breakfast. On the box it recommends mixing with 6 spoons of cooled boiled water but I found that as I heat her bottle to help with the colic, it's handy to mix the warm formula instead, so I don't have to warm the food too. I also add an extra spoon of liquid as I found the rice would go to a very gloopy texture and as you were trying to get a spoon full, the majority of rice would go onto the spoon! I feed my baby some pureed cooked frozen mixed vegetables with some mashed potato and meat such as chicken, ham, mince or some white fish as her main meal around 2pm. I prepare the banana bed time the same way as the fruity rice and I find this works much better. I give the banana bedtime at around 5.30pm as my baby now goes to bed at 7/7.30 so it keeps her happy till her night time bottle! My baby is now 6 and a half months old and I find that when I'm giving her a solid and bottle feed, she enjoys the bottle first and then half way through, I will offer her the solid food as she tends to take a long break after the solids before finishing the bottle. I joined the Milupa spoon by spoon website before I began weaning and I found it very informative and helpful and it advised me on the correct quantities to feed my baby starting off, which is always a worry! I have also tried some of the recipes on this website and they have always gone down a treat with my little one!! I have used Milupa cereals from day 1 of weaning my baby and even though they can be a little bit more expensive than other brands on the shelves, I wouldn't change to any other brand as my baby is happy and content and is thriving, thank God, so once she is happy, I'm happy!!

Good luck as you begin or continue your babys weaning experience and I hope you find my feedback on Milupa cereals, of some use to you and your bundle of joy :-)
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Milupa product trial feedback
29/04/2012 20:54
My daughter is 28 weeks old. I started slowly weaning her at 23 weeks offering just baby rice and small veg and fruit purees. She was no longer satisfied with her milk feeds but i wanted to only introduce solids slowly until 26 weeks. For the trial we recieved banana bedtime andfruity rice. i had used milupa produts when weaning my first child.

it is important to me to know that milupa produts are bhigh in iron, vit c and calcium. I also liked the fact that the products were very easy to prepare. Particulaly that i used cool boiled water in the preperation rather than having to first prepare formula. i usually give solids a while after a milk feed as i wanted to ensure she had adequate fluid intake also as she prefers spoonfeeds above milk feeds now. We have tried a wide variety of homemade veg and fruit purees. i will be trying some of the weaning recipes on the milupa spoon by spoon website this week. I have bought more banana bedtime as this was definetley a favourite with my daughter.

Thank you
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Milupa product trial feedback
01/05/2012 17:40
Firstly thanks for including me in this trial, My daughter is 22 weeks old.

I knew she was ready for weaning because she was watching me eating & her mouth used to open if i put my fork near her mouth. She was also beginning to eat her fingers & sometimes her fists! She likes to play with the spoon & was good at putting it in her mouth & had no problem taking the food from it after the first few days.

Yes I was aware of the Milupa brand before I signed up & am delighted that the Milupa cereals are high in iron, vitamin C and calcium.

The food is very easy & fast to prepare

She definitely preferred the Banana Bedtime, I'm not sure why that one in particular but her legs used to go ninety with excitment when I gave her spoonfuls of that one.

We've only begun weaning her over the last 8 days so we haven't tried feeding her anything else except for baby rice.

I feed her solid food before her bottle & sometimes during it if i feel she's not taking her bottle as that gets her attention again

I'm aware that the Milupa Spoon by Spoon website has a wide range of baby friendly weaning recipes and I can't wait to use them very soon.

I would definitely consider buying Milupa cereals in future :-)
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feedback trial
02/05/2012 00:17
we recieved our baby rice a few weeks ago, we knew our baby boy stephen was ready for the baby rice because he was having eight and nine bottles a day and was on extra hungry baby milk. the baby rice was the first foods we gave him nd he loved it, we got sunshine orange nd bannana bedtime, he loves them nd has recently started to eat carrot and turnip. i had seen the milupa brand in the shop before, nd had taught of trying it and i am glad we did as our little boy loves it. it is amazing how the milupa rice has the iron nd vitamins which are really important to the babys growth. the best thing about the rice was tat it was quick nd easy to prepare, so there was no waiting around for the food. i didnt know tat milupa had a spoon by spoon website but i do now and will defo be looking at it for some foods to prepare for my baby boy. we have jus recently bought more bay rice but in different flavours nd stephen loves them just as much as the other flavours. we were so glad tat we could take part in the trial, nd will keep buying milupa cereals.
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Milupa product trial feedback
02/05/2012 15:09
Hey MummyPages,
Thanks for letting me try out the Milupa products – we really enjoyed taking part in the trial.
My baby was waking up a lot more often during the night and her bottles didn’t seem to satisfy her as much so I thought it was time to try weaning. The first food I gave her was the Milupa Sunshine Orange which she ate no problem. I was aware of Milupa products before the trial as that’s what my sister had given to her baby.
I was really happy to know that Milupa cereals are high in iron, Vitamin C and calcium – good to know my little darling is getting everything she needs to grow and develop.
Preparing the food was simple. I had to have couple of goes to get the consistency right. She really enjoyed the Sunshine Orange but personally I preferred the Banana Bedtime because she slept right through the night after eating it!
Apart from Milupa, I have been feeding her pureed plums and peaches which she is really enjoying.
Since starting the Milupa trial I have checked out the Spoon by Spoon website and have found it really useful. I would recommend it to any mum who is embarking on weaning.
I will definitely continue to buy Milupa and use their Spoon by Spoon website.
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Milupa product trial feedback
02/05/2012 15:34
Thanks for letting me take part in the trial MummyPages, really enjoyed it!

I knew my little fella was ready for weaning because he was drooling a lot and was chewing on his toys. He would watch us eat our dinner and reach out.

The first solid food I gave him was pureed fruit which he ate without hesitation.

I was aware of the Milupa brand as I had used Milupa previously on my 3 year old girl.

I am delighted that the cereals are high in iron and vitamins, as this is always something I take into consideration when choosing food for my children. I think it’s wonderful that Milupa cereals make it simple for me to ensure my children are getting these nutrients.

I found using and preparing the products seriously simple. I have his food ready in no time which is really handy for busy mums like myself. My baby loved them both but I think he was extra excited with the Fruity Bedtime Cereal.

I have also been feeding him pureed food like butternut squash and sweet potato. I’ve also given him a little bit of baby spag bol and shepherd’s pie. I always feed him his solids before a milk feed.

I am a member of the Spoon by Spoon website and have found some really helpful information on the site. I have tried the recipes which are great. He loved their shepherd’s pie recipe!

I will definitely continue to buy Milupa in future.
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Milupa product trial feedback
02/05/2012 16:02
I was really interested to see how my six month old would take to Milupa so was delighted to take part in the trial. I knew she was ready for weaning because when I ate in front of her she would start screaming and opened her mouth and would even lick her lips.

She loved the Milupa products straight away. I changed the texture according to her needs – she seemed to like it a little bit thicker in consistency. The first solid food I gave her was Milupa and I was really happy that she took to it so easily – I was a little worried that weaning would be a challenge because my sister had a bit of trouble weaning her baby (he was a very fussy eater) but I had no problems thank god. I was aware of the Milupa group as my local supermarket has a great selection of baby food.

I was really happy to discover that Milupa products have all the essential vitamins and minerals for babies. I’m a very health conscious person myself and so want to raise my kids to eat the right foods – so this is a great way to start! JPreparing the food was quick and easy. Just mix with water or milk and your good to go! The only comment I would have is that it isn’t food that you can bring on a day out as it would be awkward to make, so you have to be at home for when it’s time to eat.

My baby preferred the Fruity Bedtime as it’s lovely and sweet and seems to be filling. I’ve also been feeding her a little spag bol and pureed fruit. When I first started weaning I had to give her half a bottle before I could feed her but once we got into it she got a bit more patient and now has her bottle after her food.

I have checked out the recipes on the Spoon by Spoon website but have yet to try them. They look great though so will hopefully give them a go soon. I would recommend the Milupa products to anyone and will be buying them from now on.
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Milupa product trial feedback
02/05/2012 16:15
Thanks MummyPages for picking me and my son (4 months) to take part in the trial!

I knew my baby was ready to be spoon fed because he was chewing on his fist, dribbling and his bottle wouldn’t satisfy him like it used to. The first solid I tried on him was a jar of food – only a small bit. He did like it but wouldn’t take his bottle after so his feeds were all over the place. I stopped weaning until I received my two Milupa boxes.

He really enjoyed the Milupa cereals – we were sent Sunshine Orange and Bedtime Banana and he loved both. I could see him getting excited when I would bring it over to him. The spoon that came with the boxes was brilliant! Smaller than the spoon that I had bought and he found it much easier to eat from. The first time he tried the Sunshine Orange I think he found it a little bitter (he would make a funny face when eating it) but now he’s used to it and loves it. I started giving his bottles before the food as he still wouldn’t take his bottle afterwards.

I was really happy that the products contain iron and vitamins which really reassure me that he’s getting all the good stuff he needs. I checked out the Milupa website and have tried a couple of the recipes – they are great and my little boy seems to like them so will be trying out a few more for sure.

Hope my review will be helpful to other mums! Happy weaning everyone!
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Milupa product trial feedback
05/05/2012 12:45
I received sunshine orange & banana bedtime. I felt my lad was ready for weaning because I can't keep him fed with milk and he is really interested in us eating & drinking. The first solid food I gave him was baby rice which he seemed to like. I then tried him on carrots and sweet potatoes and then tried the Milupa products. I was aware of the brands before starting- I remember them from way back when my now 30 year old cousin was being fed & I was the typical little girl, really interested in the baby! I had also been on to the (extrememly helpful) Aptamil helpline as I am using that formula. They had advised me of the spoon by spoon website which I found to be really good. I didn't use the spoon that came with the packs as I prefered the soft tip ones. Preparing the food was very simple. I think my lad preferred the sunshine orange but at the moment it really just depends on his humour...he doesn't seem to be loving the solids yet! I always offer solids mid feed - he always takes a good long break so this is when I offer them. I can't see any reason why I won't purchase more milupa cereals in the future - they are well packaged and clearly labelled with the age groups they are suitable for which makes shopping in a rush easier! Thanks for the opportunity to check these out!


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