A new survey has revealed that more than half of all parents are totally unaware of their child’s weight.


Only 47% of parents know their child’s weight according to the latest survey which also revealed that only 7% thinking that their children might be overweight.



National guidelines currently state that children should be doing 60 minutes of exercise a day which according to the results only 20% of parents said that was the case for their children.


The survey also looked into the use of technology in the home with the average child spending two hours and 16 minutes per day on a device.



And even though research shows that bringing a device to bed causes unsettled sleeping habits, 15% of children are allowed bring their screen to bed with 24% of parents not having any rules in place regarding this issue.


With roughly 65% of Irish adults falling into the overweight or obese category, it seems this isn’t the reality for some people as that same percentage rated their health as being an eight or more out of ten.


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