A woman from Philadelphia was arrested this week after it was discovered she was buying and injecting her 15-year-old daughter with heroin.
It alleged that Patricia Davenport introduced her young daughter to heroin in April this year, when she gave her the drug to snort.
For the next six months she took her daughter and the teen’s 16-year-old boyfriend on trips to buy heroin, injecting them and herself in the car.
Patricia’s eight-year-old son was often in the car on these trips, watching his mother and sister take drugs. Thankfully officials say the boy was never given heroin.
This horrific abuse came to an end when a classmate of the girl reported her suspicions to the school. She was sent to the school counsellor, who discovered track marks on her arms and called the police.
The district attorney for the area, Risa Vetri Ferman, has expressed her shock at the case.
“I've been doing this long enough, so I don't get surprised a lot,” she said, “but I'm really at a loss for words.”
“It's incomprehensible to me that a parent would introduce her child to these drugs.”
Patricia has been charged with multiple offenses, including child endangerment and drug felonies. Her two children have been placed in protective care with family members.