We all know just how tough, painful and exhausting childbirth is, so the thoughts of going through it every single month are terrifying. But for one mum in the UK this is a reality she has had to face for the past eight years.


Sophie Loader was born with uterus bicornis, a rare medical condition where she has two wombs but only one vagina, and her condition makes her feel like she is going into labour every month.


Recalling her very first period when she was 13, the mum-of-one told the Metro: “When I was 13 and the contractions started, I had never felt pain like it and couldn’t understand what was happening to me, it was terrifying – even the doctor thought I might be pregnant.”


Since her first bleed, the 23-year-old has experienced labour more than 100 times and sometimes has to endure up to 72 hours of pain.



However, the mum, who has a two-year-old boy called Chase and has been hospital almost 30 times due to the pain, has never gone through actual labour.  


“When I had Chase I was drugged up to the nines for my C-section, so sadly I can’t compare the pain of real labour to my fake contractions,” she explained.


Thankfully, since the birth of her son, she has been given a contraceptive implant which has reduced her labour pains to just once every three months.