Tragedy struck when a 14-year-old girl was killed by a train after she ran onto the tracks to save her mobile phone
Jenna Betti, a local football star in her Californian town, was hanging out on the train tracks with her boyfriend when they spotted a train coming
The two got off the tracks, but when Jenna realised she’d dropped her mobile phone, she ran back to retrieve it. 
Tragically, the train’s operators weren’t able to stop in time and the train hit the young woman. 
Jenna's heartbroken mum posted a warning on her daughter's Facebook page, warning children and teens to beware the dangers of traintracks. 
"She didn't judge the approach, and the train creates a vacuum, we were told, and it sucks you in. We are beyond devastated," said Jenna's mum. 
Her brother also expressed his feelings on the situation: "I can't really put myself in her shoes, but I think she wasn't really thinking, and didn't really think twice, and she just reacted and tried to get her phone as quick as she could."
Jenna’s reaction was one that many children or teens would probably have in the same situation.
While it’s so important that children are taught about the dangers of hanging out near train tracks, they should also be taught how to react if something like this happens while waiting at a train station.
Our thoughts and prayers are with Jenna’s family.