A mum who is battling cancer for the third time has turned down chemotherapy in favour of using alternative therapies and healthy living to cure herself of her illness.


Anne Pharo, who has been treated for breast cancer twice since 2010, says that she does not want to undergo chemotherapy a third time and is determined to beat the illness using a combination of healthy eating, exercising and alternative therapies.


The 41-year-old mum-of-two said that her experience has led her to believe that the typical treatments do not cure cancer, and she has made a promise to herself and her family that she will not put her body through the trauma of chemotherapy and radiotherapy again.


“That kind of treatment is just a temporary thing and the cancer does come back a few years later. It nearly killed me and was tough for my kids, so I decided I’d never put my body through it again. Instead, I took up running,” said the customer services professional.



She added: “I’ve also drastically altered my diet, I go for oxygen therapy every week and see a homeopath. I’m determined to get better this way.”


Despite finding out in her latest hospital check-up that her tumour has grown since October, Anne has insisted that this is her preferred method of treatment.


Anne’s story comes in the same day that some positive news was announced in relation to cancer research. We hope that she makes a full recovery.