On July 7, 2015, seven-year-old Melody Travaglio suffered an unexplained asphyxic asthma attack.


Melody's mum, Amber, who is a nurse married to a police officer, called an ambulance and began CPR.


Sadly, despite the best efforts of a team of doctors and nurses at University Hospitals Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital, little Melody passed away. 


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Amber decided to donate her daughter's organs, because she felt that Melody still had much to give the world, despite her untimely passing. 


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Peyton Richardson was a completely lovely, healthy child, until a cold virus attacked her heart.


She was celebrating her fourth birthday from a hospital bed the day Melody died, and the transplant process was set in motion. 


The two mothers greeted each other with open arms, in what was a very emotional moment for them. 



Next, Amber got to meet little Peyton, and hear her daughter's heart beating in this little girl's chest. 


A surreal experience for the grieving mum, she said, “I mean, I grew that heart inside of me.”


“I always say two beautiful girls, one beating heart,” said Amber.