This mum’s letter to her son has quickly taken the internet by storm.
When 13-year-old Connor came out as gay to his parents, the reaction he got from them is both inspirational and perfect.
Writing her son a letter, his mum wrote: “Dear Connor, I am writing you this letter so you have something tangible, something to hold onto, if you should ever need it, to always remind you that we love you. I am pretty proud that we have the kind of relationship in which you felt comfortable coming out to me at 13 years old. I am happy that we have created an environment in our house in which you know you loved, you are safe, and that we will support you and fight for you. Dad and I love you very much. You are growing into such an amazing young man. You are pure potential. We can’t wait to see where it takes you! Love Mom.”
It can’t have been easy for a young man to come out to his parents at 13-years-old, but he certainly got an amazing and lovely response from the most important people in his life.