I'm a mum my daughter is 2 in February, and I have been trying to conceive again since August but nothing seems to be happening, it only took my 2months to conceive my daughter, and my period has always been like clockwork but has been late this last 2months and I'm not pregnant, I was just wondering can there be something wrong?
Thank you for your question. It is very unlikely there is anything wrong. Each month a perfectly healthy couple have about a 15-25% chance of conceiving. You were lucky last time to conceive in two months. If you think of it like rolling a dice- each month you roll the dice just once. If rolling a six is getting pregnant, you can see how it can take a few months to get the result you want. Generally, you should allow at least
six months to a year trying before you need any investigation. If you are over 35 years, after six months of trying go to your GP, who can organise some simple blood tests to ensure you are well and ovulating. If you are worried, have a chat to your GP to ensure you are identifying correctly your most fertile time, or get an ovulation test kit at your chemist. You are having regular periods - this is a great sign, as well as the fact that you already have a child. Make sure you are taking your colic acid, and with a little patience,
hopefully in the next few months it will happen for you.
Dr Eleanor Galvin
GP/Women & Children's Health Specialist