Need more sunshine in your life? Check out our 4 Easter break beach holiday destinations!

It’s been a long and dark winter this year, and we’re all suffering a little from lack of sunshine. Grey, dreary days are the norm in our part of the world, so why not escape somewhere else for Easter for a few days of Vitamin D and sunshine to boost your mood and have something to look forward to?

People on Beach

When we think of breaks away in spring and autumn, we often immediately think of city breaks, as we don’t think the weather will be good enough for a beach break – but what if we told you that you were just looking in all the wrong places?

Easter Sunday falls on March 31, giving you a gorgeous long weekend to flake out on a gorgeous warm beach somewhere, see a little history, try some fantastic cuisine and soak up a little culture – all in our top four Easter sun holiday getaways!


Brown Wooden Bridge over Blue Sea Under Blue and White Cloudy Sky

Ah Crete, the land of myths and legends – and stunning seafood. You’ll be experiencing temperature highs of 21 C in Crete in April, with slightly cooler evenings, but sunshine is basically guaranteed at this time of year on Greece’s largest island.

Crete has a little something for everyone, with lush, beautiful, natural landscapes and bustling, buzzing cities full of fun nightlife, meaning you can choose between a quiet and atmospheric seaside village like Kalives or party the night away in Malia! A land full of ancient runes, a mythological history as rich as the mainland with vibrant and authentic local colour and dynamics, Crete is a must-visit for any tourists looking for a bit of everything.


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Those looking to go further afield should try Bali at this time of year, where the average daily temperature is 28C. Although this getaway destination is definitely known to be a little cloudier this time of year, if adventure in warm water sis what you’re craving, Bali is the spot.

Sea water temperatures reach around 30C, making it the perfect time to try out surfing in Kuta, a site renowned for its consistent waves and surfing culture. Or for a more cultural scene, check out the utterly authentic terraced rice fields of Ubud to see the creative lifestyle of the Balinese. For a little beach-side luxury, the resorts and nightlife of Seminyak might suit couples looking for a little cosmopolitan buzz alongside stunning, tranquil white sand beaches, or get back into nature b touring some of Bali’s volcanic peaks, tropical ravines and mysterious jungles.


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Visiting Africa’s Northern coast that borders the Atlantic and the Mediterranean in April can guarantee you around 24C – so nothing tropical, but also nothing to be sniffed at! As spring moves in, the hotter influence of the Sahara Desert in the south makes itself known, ensuring that the weather remains dry throughout April, so be sure to keep near the coast. 

Rabat, one of the imperial cities, is a stunning coastal spot that is brimming with history and opportunity for outdoor adventures and sightseeing. Essaouria and Oualidia are both arrestingly beautiful, authentic coastal spots, perfect for a relaxing sprawl by the pool. And of course, not forgetting the ever-iconic Casablanca, Morocco’s beaches and medinas provide the ultimate escape from our grey winter!


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Can you think of anything more glam and rejuvenating than a few days in the breath-taking and luxurious resorts of Mexico? With temperatures coming in at a balmy 31C, it’s ideal for getting that sunshine boost that we all need at this time of year.

The Caribbean is the perfect getaway for any couple who love adventure, nightlife, relaxation and sight-seeing all wrapped into one incredible location. Unwind on the white sand beaches and swim in the clear blue waters during the day and then dance the night away in Cancun’s lively nightclub scene. Gaze in wonder at the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza in Yucatán and marvel at the magical cenotes, a traveller’s dream destination.