New apple cider gummies brand Ulla - a more palatable way to take your ACV 

Ali and Paul Hogan are a success story that made great use out of their Covid-19 lockdowns by researching a launching a new ACV format that is far easier to take.  After 12 months of hard work they launched new brand 'Ulla' to take the heartache out of taking your daily dose of ACV.  Here they share their story so far. 

by Ali & Paul Hogan. 

"A full year of research and trials, topped up with picking colours, designs, artwork and everything else that is entailed in launching a brand, is finally coming to fruition and you are the first to know!

A little bit of background:  It seemed like the perfect way to wait out Covid 19 lockdown- overactive minds trying to stay busy!

Apple Cider Vinegar (or ACV for short) was always a staple in the Hogan household. We have gone through different supplements from time to time, trying to boost our immune systems, improving our eyes, ears and whatever else was going, but the drudgery of taking tablets never stuck.

The bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar though, eyed with fear and trepidation, because let’s face it, it is a struggle to drink back, was always there for when the sniffly nose started. We didn’t know the science yet, but we trusted that whatever came out of that bottle was keeping us safe and sound.

The Eureka moment

Then Eureka!!! Ali came home proudly one day having discovered a new way to get the goodness of Apple Cider Vinegar into our bellies, without it resembling the tequila hour at the debs. We were excited!

It was then, that we started thinking how this new gummy could be given an Irish twist.

The research began and we learned all about THE MOTHER, the strands of good bacteria found in ACV. This good bacterium is essential to maintaining good gut health and a balanced body leads to all the good effects of ACV. Turns out, the benefits of ACV came from eating a healthy diet, getting these good bacteria into our system, and generally improving our lifestyle.

So, we wanted to take the goodness of the MOTHER bacteria and add what we need in Ireland to create a super charged delicious gummy and easy to swallow gummy.

Enter VITAMIN D, like what do we not see enough of in this country? Sunshine…

Doctors have Vitamin D prescribed for half the country, especially during the Winter months and half doses from June to August.

It is such an important Vitamin that we had to have it in our new gummies. So, the ACV Vitamin D gummy was born.

Our little gummy family now exists in the following varieties - Original, Vitamin D and Immunity. Our delicious, tasty ACV Gummies that we call ULLA. 

Ulla Gummies are vegan, gluten free, gelatin free, no added sugar and unfiltered."

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