A new mum who was told by doctors that her chest pains were the result of holding her baby wrong died of a heart attack, a court has heard.


Dance teacher Nadia Wearns went to A&E complaining of pains in her chest, back and limbs, but was told by doctors at the hospital that her discomfort was a result of cradling her 13-week-old daughter Ava incorrectly.


After being told to go home and rest, the 31-year-old tragically passed away just hours later after suffering from a heart attack.


Nadia’s family brought a lawsuit against the hospital, and now, three years after the devastating incident, the High Court in England has approved a settlement for three-year-old daughter Ava.


The court found that Nadia would have likely survived had she undergone electrocardiography and blood tests at the South Tyneside District Hospital.



The Wearns’ solicitor said: “Sadly, the Trust admitted that, had those tests been undertaken, Nadia would still have been in hospital at the time of her cardiac arrest and, in all likelihood, would have been successfully resuscitated. It’s an absolutely tragic case. There are no winners here.”


This story comes just a week after a couple in the States brought a lawsuit against a hospital over a ‘botched’ water birth that they claim caused their son’s disabilities.