New traditional herbal cough syrup uses thyme extract to deliver

It has long been reported that thyme helps alleviate all manner of respiratory issues.  The essence extracted from thyme leaves can help relieve coughing as well as other respiratory ailments such as short-term bronchitis. The leaves contain compounds called flavonoids that relax the throat muscles involved in coughing and lessen inflammation.

Throughout the centuries, herbalists have employed thyme and thyme preparations to relieve chest and respiratory disorders, coughs, colds and bronchitis. The herb is antibacterial, antifungal and spasmolytic, so it fights agents that cause bronchitis and helps to quell a spasmodic cough.

Recognising the importance of more traditional medicines for everyday healthcare, Clonmel Healthcare have just announced the launch of Medithyme Cough Syrup - a traditional herbal medicinal product containing thyme liquid extract, that can be used to treat a productive (or chesty) cough.*

The good news is that Medithyme Cough Syrup is sugar free, suitable for vegans and gluten free too. 

It is available in 180ml bottle, for children from 12 years and adults and may be purchased in all good pharmacies nationwide.

*Medithyme cough syrup is a traditional herbal medicinal product, for use in case of productive cough associated with cold, exclusively based on longstanding use. Always read the label. Do not exceed the stated dose.

Date prepared: August 2021. 2021/ADV/MED/084C.