New Vitamin D3 guidelines and supplements launched by Irish brand.

Irish company Kora Healthcare has announced the launch of FamilyD, their new range of food supplements to promote Vitamin D supplementation in Ireland.

The Vitamin D nutrient is important for bone health, strong teeth, immune system function, muscle function and it may help protect against respiratory infections and counter inflammation. With winter drawing in, this means we are no longer able to produce adequate levels Vitamin D from sunlight.

The HSE and FSAI have recently updated supplementation guidelines for infants and children. The update for infants reflects the need for accurate dosing of 200IU or 5μg for babies being breastfed or taking less than 300ml of infant formula per day.

There has also been an introduction of guidelines for children for the first time. These guidelines recommend a daily dose of 200IU or 5μg liquid Vitamin D supplement per day during winter for 1-4-year olds. 

In Ireland, recent studies have shown that:

  • 47% of the population over 85 years old are Vitamin D deficient
  • 27% of adults over 70 who are cocooning are deficient
  • 20% of the Irish population of adults are deficient in the winter months

To help address these specific needs of the Irish population, Kora Healthcare are delighted to announce FamilyD, a range of Vitamin D3 formulations for newborn babies to the elderly and special populations. The range has been designed to allow easy administration with a choice of oral syringe, pump, sprays, or capsules to help Irish people of all ages to manage their intake requirements every day.

Building on 10 years of experience for the original BabyD brand, the range includes:

BabyD 200IU Vitamin D3 pump

ToddlerD 200-400IU Vitamin D3 spray

DailyD Vitamin D3 sprays come in 1000IU (vegan) and 400IU dosage. 

The DailyD Vitamin D3 capsules come in three doses - 400IU, 1000IU and 2000IU

Conor O’Daly, CEO of Kora Healthcare said “We are delighted to launch our expanded vitamin D range for all ages groups under the FamilyD brand. As shown by the FSAI report, as well as recent publications, the importance of daily supplementation with Vitamin D across all age groups is paramount. The launch of FamilyD is all the more special as we are marking 10 years with our market-leading and award-winning brand BabyD. “

For more information please visit or contact your local pharmacy.

Always ask your pharmacist or family doctor if you have any concerns about Vitamin D supplementation. Full recommendations can be found on and