Outraged families in Oklahoma staged a protest outside a Kmart supermarket yesterday, to show solidarity with a mum who was asked to stop breastfeeding in the store.
Angelica Williams was nursing her three-month-old baby while queuing to pay for her shopping, when the employee at the cash desk told her to go elsewhere to feed her child.
Ms Williams, along with a group of other mums and their families, staged a demonstration in protest outside the store yesterday.
Holding a sign that read ‘This baby needs my milk, not your approval’, Ms Williams told Fox 23: “When moms do breastfeed they look for support. I don’t think anyone should be ashamed of it or embarrassed.”
A representative for the Kmart chain came out to apologise for the incident, describing it as “simply a case of communication”.
Howard Riefs, Director of Corporate Public Relations, said: “We certainly respect a mother’s right to nurse in our store. We also offer adequate privacy and comfort. We are following up with the store to continue to reinforce the proper policies and procedures.”
The incident comes after a woman in Australia expressed her outrage after being asked to take her baby’s bottle away from him in a store due to its strict ‘no food or drink’ policy.